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Cattleya trianae var. alba

Cattleya trianae var. alba

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Introducing the Cattleya trianae var. alba – a stunning orchid species that captivates with its pristine 5" white flowers and a delightful yellow throat. Celebrated as the national flower of Colombia, this orchid is a testament to the natural beauty found in the country's open woodlands at an altitude of approximately 1000m.

Cattleya trianae var. alba is a reliable spring bloomer, showcasing its elegance with a unique twist – it typically produces two or three flowers per stem, distinguishing it from other major cattleya unifoliate species. The absence of the usual purple and pink coloring sets this 'alba' variety apart, offering a subtle pink tone on the lip near the striking yellow blotch.

For successful cultivation, provide your Cattleya trianae var. alba with intermediate to warm temperatures. These orchids thrive in good light, making them ideal for spaces with ample natural sunlight. Use a well-draining compost, such as coarse bark without moss, in pots to ensure optimal conditions for root development.

During the growing season, maintain a balance of moisture, allowing the compost to dry slightly between watering. As the plants produce an abundance of roots, keep them just damp during the winter months and increase moisture levels in the summer. This careful watering regimen helps mimic the orchid's natural habitat and promotes healthy growth.

To avoid root rot, maintain a slightly dry environment during the rest period, demonstrating the importance of adjusting your care routine throughout the orchid's various growth stages. After flowering, kickstart the plant's growth by providing frequent light sprays of water on sunny days. This ensures that your Cattleya trianae var. alba continues to flourish, showcasing its breathtaking blooms year after year.

This is a blooming size in a 5" clay pot, about 1 to 2 years to bloom, grown from seed, limited!

Bring the spirit of Colombia into your home or orchid collection with the Cattleya trianae var. alba – a magnificent and resilient orchid that combines natural beauty with ease of cultivation.

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