One of the reasons why we love Cattleya Orchids Species so much, is that they not only have beautiful and delicate blooms but also enchanted aroma.

This is why I love the statement: Discover the Intoxicating Allure of Orchids!

Here you will find my Top 20 Fragrant Cattleya Orchids Species that I love the most!

  • Cattleya iricolor smell like strong floral aroma between roses and hyacinths -olive

  • Cattleya percivaliana smells spicy like fresh baked mince pie

  • Cattleya amethystoglossa smells like cotton candy

  • CattleyA labiata has a strong of spicy aromatic cloves

  • Cattleya intermedia smells like sweet floral

  • Cattleya jenmanii smells like a nice sweet floral scent

  • Cattleya mossiae smell like strong complex floral musky scent

  • Cattleya eldorado smell sweet floral with a hint of citrus

  • Cattleya dowiana smells like a soapy citron, lemon, spicy vanilla

  • Cattleya schroederae has a strong of sweet fruit with hint of almond

  • Cattleya quadricolor smell like sweet perfumed almost like vanilla and lillies

  • Cattleya loddigesii smells like baked milk white chocolate

  • Cattleya aclandiae smells like a spicy aroma

  • Cattleya schilleriana smells like roses with a hit of lavender honey

  • Cattleya walkeriana smells like cinnamon and vanilla

  • Cattleya guttata smells like sweet floral

  • Cattleya gaskelliana smell sweet with a hint of mustard

  • Cattleya forbesii smells like bubble gum

  • Cattleya warscewiczii smells like violets

  • Cattleya warneri smells like clean, spicy fresh

The subgroup popularly known as bifoliate cattleyas includes a number of fragrant species. Hybrids derived from these are frequently scented as well, particularly when crossed with each other or with scented species and hybrids from the unifoliate Cattleya and Laelia groups.

Two of the sweetest-scented Cattleya relatives are Rhyncholaelia digbyana and Rhyncholaelia glauca, which are typically most fragrant in the evening. (Both of these were previously classified in the genus Brassavola.)

Their scents have been likened to lemon and lily-of-the-valley. Hybrids derived from these species often carry fragrance as well.

All orchid scents are not pleasing, or perhaps I should say they are not pleasing to all people. While I have not studied it scientifically, it seems to me that each person’s sense of smell may be unique.

Repeatedly, I have found fragrances that are pleasing to me are less well received by someone else, and sometimes the reverse is true.

There have also been times I have enjoyed a blossom’s floral scent when another person nearby could detect no fragrance in the same flower. Perhaps that is the crux of the perfume industry. So fragrance orchids are all about perception.

Which of them do you already have in your collection? None, Don't worry, we can help you get started today!

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