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These notices are intended to help you make informed purchases, ensuring trust and building a lasting partnership. Please read them carefully before making a purchase.
1) Your order will be scheduled for shipment using USPS Priority Mail. However, before we proceed with shipping, we need to ensure that your orchids are adequately dried before packaging. Please take note of the following:
- Orders placed from Monday through Friday will be shipped the following Monday.
- Orders placed on Saturday or Sunday will be shipped the Monday after next.
- If Monday is a holiday, your order will be shipped on the next shipping day Tuesday or Friday.
- We reserve the right to ship your orchids bare root if necessary.
- We reserve the right to cancel your order at any time due to unforeseen circumstances.
- If you need expedited shipping, please select USPS Express Mail. Expected delivery dates are provided by USPS; therefore, we cannot guarantee specific delivery times as packages may pass through multiple USPS shipping hubs.
- FREE SHIPPING promotion applies to all orders over $149*using USPS Priority Mail. However, oversized and/or overweight orchids, including Vandas and/or Grammatophyllum between 20" and 30" tall, which require special handling and shipping considerations, due to their size, these orchids do not qualify for our standard free shipping promotion. A surcharge shipping fee applies to all orchids in this
2) We are located in the USA and ship within the USA and its territories using USPS services. If your state or territory is not listed during checkout, we do not ship there. We do not ship internationally.
3) Based on your understanding of the local climate, could you please verify the forecast for the next 10 days?
- If temperatures are anticipated to fall below 50°F, we suggest reviewing the available alternatives: Orchids Weather Protection - Winter.
- If temperatures are anticipated to rise above 90°F, we suggest reviewing the available alternatives: Orchids Weather Protection - Summer.
4) If there is an active coupon code available, be sure to apply it during the checkout process. Once an order is placed, changes cannot be made. All coupon codes have category restrictions and cannot be combined.
5) Please verify that your billing and shipping addresses, as well as your credit card CVV number, are accurate. If your order is considered a risk transaction, it may be subject to cancellation. Also, add a valid email address during the checkout process. Emails serve as our primary communication channel for order and shipping confirmations, as well as notifications regarding cancellations and refunds.
6) We take pride in our meticulous packaging methods, ensuring that your orchids arrive in good condition during transit. We guarantee the health of the orchids upon arrival if the package remains intact during transit.
- If you receive a package that is totally damaged—whether broken, cracked, shattered, crushed, ruined, wrecked, or dilapidated—due to the USPS carrier, please refuse acceptance upon delivery. Kindly inform the mailman or postmaster of your decision to return the package to the sender due to its condition. Upon receiving the returned orchids, we will process a partial refund.
- If your package arrives in good condition but you have any concerns with your plants, please let us know within 24 hours of receipt, and we will proceed in accordance with our Return and Refund Policy.
- While we take utmost care in packing your plants, we cannot guarantee the healthy arrival of flowers, buds, sheaths, and/or spikes.
7) In our Blooming Orchids Category, you will find orchids classified into four distinct stages: In BUD, In SPIKE, In BLOOM, and In SHEATH.
- Orchids listed as In SHEATH may have either a dried sheath or a green sheath. It's important to note that some orchids bloom with a green sheath, some with a dried sheath, and others without any sheath at all.
- If an orchid has buds inside a dried or green sheath, we classify and label it as In BUD rather than In SHEATH in the product title, this ensures clarity and helps you make informed purchases when selecting your blooming orchids.
- If an orchid is classified and labeled as In SHEATH in the product title, you may receive it with either a dried sheath or a green sheath.
8) Please ensure you thoroughly review each product description before making your purchase. Once orchids have been purchased and leave our store, we are unable to offer replacements, refunds, or accept returns. All sales are final. This policy is enacted because we cannot guarantee the well-being of orchids once they are beyond our care, and we lack control over the conditions in which they are cultivated. Also, we make no warranty, express or implied, regarding the productivity of any plant sold through this or any other offering.
9) The orchids described in the product description as "blooming size imported bare root orchid division" have been recently imported and repotted, and thus are not yet established. According to USDA regulations, these orchids must be imported bare-root from Brazil, Ecuador, Colombia, Taiwan, and Peru. It is normal for the roots to die off during transport and after repotting. These orchids need to completely redevelop new roots after repotting. The presence of dead roots in the pot is not a quality issue and does not qualify for a refund, replacement, or return approval.
- If you're considering purchasing a "blooming size imported bare root orchid division," it's essential to have a basic understanding of how to promote root development and maintain hydration to prevent dehydration. Providing adequate growing conditions at all times is crucial to avoid additional stress during cultivation. If you're a beginner or new to growing orchids, it's advisable to refrain from buying them. We will not approve replacements, refunds, or return requests due to the lack of roots on bare-rooted orchids.
10) The flower photos in the product description serve as examples of potential bloom appearance. The actual bloom color may differ from the photos due to variations in computer monitors, photography lighting, and the genetic diversity of each species or grex. Additionally, most of our orchids are grown from seed, leading to blooms that may vary in color, form, characteristics, and size based on their unique genetic traits.
Our intention is to help you make informed purchases, ensuring trust and building lasting partnerships. These summaries of reminders or notices do not act as replacements for our store policies. Refer to our up-to-date Terms of Service, Shipping, and Return/Refund Policies to be informed of every stipulation and ensure complete understanding. Thank you for your support and understanding.

Keep in mind we ship exclusively on Mondays: Orders placed Monday through Friday ship the next Monday; Orders placed Saturday & Sunday ship the Monday after next.

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