How is the profile of an orchid collector?

How is the profile of an orchid collector?

Passionate fans of the most beautiful flowers that exist, they are almost a tribe.

What characterizes them and how to grow plants becomes a philosophy of life.

To describe the profile of an orchid collector, the term "orchid collector" must be taken into account, referring to a particular group of people who, for various reasons, one day entered the captivating world of these beautiful representatives of nature, and they were never able to get out.

The orchid collector turns out to be a person little understood by others in his/her environment who do not understand how he/she can spend much of his/her time and effort to learn more about these flowers and do whatever it takes to get one more specimen.

For this, it does not matter how much you have to save, the place you have in his home or how much you have to do to take care of each plant until you receive the wonderful reward of flowering. But yes, once he begins to show the first buds, he knows well that there is nothing that has not been worth it.

As good passionate about what they love, they seek to find other "crazy people of the same species" and this is how they get in touch to form groups where they feel comfortable showing their achievements in the form of beautiful blooms, exchanging plants, competing with their plants in exhibitions, traveling to remote cities in search of new experiences and sensations for their eyes or maybe just learning more about the care and maintenance of these beautiful plants.

What constitutes them then in a “tribe”?

In principle they are an intercommunicated community that meets periodically, they are organized.

Second, they are different. They are not mere collectors but share an aesthetic sense and a way of connecting with nature.

Thirdly, the reason that brings them together and stimulates them to organize is partly an excuse, a stated reason. Underlying the social, belonging to a group, communication with peers, both equal and similar but different from the rest.

It thus turns out that for many it derives in a means by which they can de-stress and isolate themselves from the world and its problems, immerse themselves in an ocean of colors and perfumes, appreciate each little bud, bud or petal and simply enjoy each species of this wonderful family called Orchidaceae.

For all this, some amateur groups define it by its "orchidelirium" and whoever practices it must take into account at least some basic premises:

1-You must learn to cultivate patience, a quality that human beings are losing due to the accelerated pace of life, great pressure and stress.

2-Cultivate responsibility, because by growing plants we face the challenge of introducing a living being into a different habitat from the natural one, requiring our intervention for its full development.

3-Cultivate tolerance and willingness to acquire knowledge and assimilate experiences of other people, overcoming prejudices and differences.

There are many more premises that we must take into account, but we can start with the three listed: obtain a plant, in some cases rescued from malnutrition, another from an endangered species, then, with the advice of experienced people, locate them on the site. appropriate so that they can prosper and with a little patience enjoy a spectacular flowering.

After at least trying to maintain this attitude and having success with plants, try extending it to your social life. Just imagine if our behaviors were more tolerant, more patient and responsible on a daily basis, perhaps our lives would also have a flowering.

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