We are now offering 100% ClimateNeutral orders!

We are now offering 100% ClimateNeutral orders!

We are now proudly offering ClimateNeutral orders! This is possible thank to you, all our customers who has been supporting us, since we started this journey!

Climate Neutrality is a term that refers to the emission and mitigation of all greenhouse gases— not just carbon.3 Much like carbon neutrality, climate neutrality can be achieved by only emitting greenhouse gases at an equal rate to their removal from the atmosphere.7 This is often done by creating a replacement measure, often termed offset, which helps avoid the climate-damaging effects of greenhouse gases (GHG) generated by human activity.

Climate refers to the average course of weather conditions for a particular location over a period of many years.

Neutral (in this case) simply means balanced.

Several areas of focus can have the greatest impact towards being carbon neutral and climate neutral, including:

  • Avoiding deforestation of existing forests
  • Reforestation (converting land that was cleared into a native forest again to generate tree planting offset solutions)
  • Afforestation (establishing new forests on open lands)
  • Increasing carbon-based stocks/sinks (a system, such as forests, plants, or soils, that help “store” carbon… in other words, remove it for good)

Now, after you purchase your products, you will be able to select which project you want to support and receive updates of your impact Climate Neutrality!

All rainforest and marine projects remove CO2 from the atmosphere and are certified by the highest international standards.

Your contribution is on us! Thank you fro supporting @LaForestaOrchids!

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