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Cattleya Alliance: Broughtonia sanguinea var. 'Pink Moon' x var. sanguinea ‘4N’

Cattleya Alliance: Broughtonia sanguinea var. 'Pink Moon' x var. sanguinea ‘4N’

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Introducing the captivating Broughtonia sanguinea 'Pink Moon' x sanguinea 4N, a stunning orchid species renowned for its vibrant pink flowers that add a burst of color to any collection. Native to the lush landscapes of Jamaica and Cuba, this sequentially-blooming beauty thrives in warm to hot climates, making it an ideal addition to any orchid enthusiast's garden.

Characterized by its striking pinkish-red flowers with a hint of yellow at the base, Broughtonia sanguinea 'Pink Moon' x sanguinea 4N blooms from late winter through spring, showcasing its delicate blooms on long, arching spikes emerging from clustered pseudobulbs. Each spike boasts up to sixteen or more flowers, creating a breathtaking display of natural beauty.

As a small-sized epiphyte, Broughtonia sanguinea 'Pink Moon' x sanguinea 4N prefers to be mounted on wood or grown in open bark mixes, allowing for ample air circulation and drainage. Medium light conditions are optimal for its growth, with blooms typically appearing in the spring to summer months, triggered by changes in daylength and temperature.

To ensure the health and vitality of your Broughtonia sanguinea 'Pink Moon' x sanguinea 4N, provide high light, high humidity, and regular watering while in active growth. Mounting is recommended over potting to mimic its natural habitat and encourage proper airflow around the roots. During the summer months, daily watering may be necessary for mounted specimens, while potted plants should be allowed to dry out between waterings.

 Embrace the excitement of the unknown with this unique primary hybrid cross! As the offspring of the Broughtonia sanguinea 'Pink Moon' x sanguinea 4N, the color variation of each individual flower will be a delightful surprise, adding an element of anticipation to your growing experience. Whether it inherits the dark pink hues of one parent or the lighter pink color of the other, each bloom will unveil its own distinct charm, making every flowering season a new adventure in discovery. 

This miniature, compact grower is not only a stunning addition to any orchid collection but also serves as a valuable breeding specimen, prized for its unique shape and vibrant colors. Whether you're a seasoned orchid enthusiast or just beginning your journey, Broughtonia sanguinea is sure to captivate with its beauty and charm.

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