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Catasetum pileatum var. alba

Catasetum pileatum var. alba

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Introducing Catasetum pileatum var. alba, a species that also called the The Felt-Capped Catasetum. It produces waxy white flowers with creamy yellow-colored centres and a variable amount of purple spots. The petals of both whorls are similar to the petals of male flowers. However, the baggy lip is conical with slightly curved edges.

Originating from the lush landscapes of Venezuela, Brazil, Colombia, and Ecuador, the Variegated Orchid, scientifically known as Catasetum pileatum, is a captivating species that thrives in the warm, humid lowlands of the Amazon and Río Capanaparo.

Catasetum pileatum var. alba grows up to 10 inches in height, with each specimen boasting pseudobulbs enveloped by lanceolate leaves, creating a stunning visual appeal.

However, it is important to mention that this Catasetum can start blooming from a very small pseudobulb. Please refer to photos of our own plant that showcase a beautiful male flower from a 3-inch bulb height!

Blooming from spring through fall, the Felt-Capped Catasetum showcases fragrant flowers with a distinct texture, reaching over 10 cm in diameter. The vibrant array of colors and numerous named varieties add to the allure, with male flowers featuring wax-white hues and creamy-yellow to yellow-green accents, while female flowers boast upward-directed lips in shades ranging from orange to pale yellow.

Cultivation Tips:

Light: Catasetum pileatum var. alba thrives in a light level of 25000-40000 lux. Ensure moderately bright, filtered light, as direct southern sun exposure can lead to burns. Consistent, strong air movement is essential for optimal growth.

Temperature: Being thermophilic, maintain an average day temperature of 29-32 °C and a night temperature of 23 °C, providing a daily amplitude of 7-9 °C throughout the year.

Humidity: Catasetum pileatum var. alba requires approximately 80% humidity in summer and autumn, gradually decreasing to 70-75% in winter and spring.

Substrate, Growing Media, and Repotting: Grow these orchids on tree fern pieces or in loose, fast-drying substrates. Options include fir bark, Osmund fern roots, sphagnum moss, pumice, cork shards, and a mix of re-composted horse manure and charcoal. Repot annually when new growth appears, removing old pseudobulbs and leaving 1-2 youngsters.

Watering: During active growth, water abundantly, gradually reducing the amount as autumn approaches. Rainfall is moderate to heavy, with a slight dry period in winter and early spring.

Fertilizer: Strong fertilization is key during active growth. Use a balanced fertilizer weekly, transitioning from high-nitrogen in spring to high-phosphorus in late summer and autumn.

Rest Period: After leaves fall, let the orchid dry, watering if pseudobulbs wrinkle. Halt fertilization until spring, resuming normal watering and fertilization when new growth and roots appear, ensuring no water accumulates in new growths.

This is a blooming size division in a 4" pot. Bulbs range from 3 to 6" in height and were newly repotted. They typically take 1 to 2 years to bloom. Grown from seed. Limited availability!

Cultivate the Catasetum pileatum var. alba , and you'll be rewarded with a vibrant display of fragrant blooms, showcasing the exotic beauty of Catasetum pileatum.

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