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Cattleya mossiae var. alba

Cattleya mossiae var. alba

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Introducing the Captivating Cattleya mossiae var. alba - Venezuela's National Treasure!

Behold the mesmerizing beauty of Cattleya mossiae var. alba, an extraordinary orchid variety boasting striking 7" to 8" snow-white flowers of unparalleled elegance and superb form. Its pristine petals and sepals, adorned with a white lip accented by a delicate yellow throat, create an enchanting display that captivates the senses.

Native to the lush Venezuelan landscape, this small-sized, unifoliate epiphyte thrives at elevations ranging from 900 to 1500 meters in dense forests high in the verdant canopy. Its success in both warm and cool growing conditions makes it an adaptable and rewarding addition to any orchid collection.

Cattleya mossiae var. alba features eye-catching, fusiform, and ridged green pseudobulbs, each proudly carrying a single, apical leaf. This leaf, oblong to narrowly ovate-oblong in shape, gracefully rounds apically, enhancing the orchid's overall allure.

In the spring, an impressive floral spectacle awaits as the mature pseudobulbs bear a terminal, 12" (30 cm) long inflorescence. This magnificent stem hosts a few to several (2 to 7) fragrant flowers, exuding an alluring garlic scent that fills the air with its enchanting fragrance.

Adored for its elegance and significance, Cattleya mossiae var. alba holds a special place as the national flower of Venezuela, symbolizing the country's natural beauty and botanical heritage.

Cultivating Tips:

  • Light: Provide bright, filtered light to mimic its natural habitat in the forest canopy. Avoid direct sunlight, as it may damage the delicate flowers and foliage.
  • Temperature: Maintain temperatures between 60°F to 80°F (15°C to 27°C) during the day, with a slight drop at night to promote flowering.
  • Humidity: High humidity is essential for this epiphytic beauty. Consider using a humidity tray or a room humidifier to maintain moisture levels.
  • Watering: Allow the potting medium to dry slightly between waterings. Ensure adequate drainage to prevent waterlogged roots.
  • Fertilizer: Feed regularly during the growing season (spring and summer) with a balanced orchid fertilizer, diluted to half strength.
  • Potting: Use a well-draining orchid mix, such as a combination of bark, sphagnum moss, and perlite.
  • Repotting: Repot every two years or when the pseudobulbs outgrow the current container. Spring is the best time for repotting.


var. alba 'Alvaro Pereira' T4" in a 2" pot inside in a 4" clay pot, about 3 to 4 years to bloom, grown from seed, limited!

var. alba blooming size orchid division, in a 4" clay pot, newly repotted, about 1 to 2 years to blooms, grown from seed, limited!

Indulge in the allure of the national flower of Venezuela, Cattleya mossiae var. alba. Elevate your orchid collection with this botanical treasure, celebrated for its ethereal snow-white blooms, delicate fragrance, and rich cultural significance. Bring home this exceptional orchid, and let it grace your living space with its timeless beauty and captivating presence.

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