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Cattleya warscewiczii var. tipo 'Dr. Jim Chan' x 'Red Monarch' BM/JOGA

Cattleya warscewiczii var. tipo 'Dr. Jim Chan' x 'Red Monarch' BM/JOGA

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Introducing the Exquisite Cattleya warscewiczii var. tipo: A Colombian Gem

Description: Discover the captivating beauty of Cattleya warscewiczii var. tipo, a rare orchid species native to the enchanting landscapes of northwestern Colombia. Found thriving on trees and clinging to the cliffs along the Rivers Magdalena and Meta beyond Bogotá, this remarkable orchid elevates any orchid collection. With its rich history and unique characteristics, it's a true testament to the wonder of nature.


  • Appearance: Cattleya warscewiczii var. tipo boasts striking features, including thick, shiny, cigar-shaped pseudobulbs measuring 20-40 cm in length. Each pseudobulb carries a single, apical, oblong, and remarkably thick leaf with a rounded apex.
  • Blossoms: In the summer months, this orchid graces us with its presence, producing a terminal inflorescence up to 45 cm long. This inflorescence hosts large, fragrant flowers, typically numbering between 4 and 7. The sepals and petals present a delicate pale rosy pink, while the lip, broad and commanding, displays a rich purple hue adorned with vibrant yellow blotches on each side of the throat.

Cultivation Tips:

  1. Light: Provide your Cattleya warscewiczii with a lux level between 25000-50000. Adequate air circulation is crucial, so ensure continuous ventilation. These orchids thrive with consistent, bright light exposure, making them perfect for well-lit environments.

  2. Temperature: Mimic the orchid's natural habitat with an average summer day temperature of 25-28°C and a night temperature of 15-18°C. Keep in mind that, even during the summer, nights should be cooler. In winter, temperatures may drop below freezing.

  3. Humidity: Maintain a humidity level of 70-80% year-round. High humidity is essential for healthy growth. Ensure proper ventilation in humid conditions to prevent fungal issues.

  4. Substrate and Repotting: Plant your orchid in pots or baskets with a loose, quick-drying substrate such as osmunda fiber, sphagnum moss, or peat mixed with charcoal. Choose smaller pots for quicker drying and avoid root rot. Repot during the onset of new root growth.

  5. Watering: Tailor your watering to the surrounding conditions. Hot, dry days demand frequent watering, while damp or cloudy days require less. Ensure proper drainage to prevent root rot. Mounted or basket-grown plants can withstand more water.

  6. Fertilizer: During active growth, fertilize weekly with 1/4-1/2 of the recommended orchid fertilizer. Use a high-nitrogen fertilizer in spring to mid-summer, and switch to phosphorus-rich fertilizer in late summer and autumn. Rinse the pot regularly to prevent mineral deposits.

  7. Rest Period: In the winter, reduce watering as Cattleya warscewiczii enters a rest period. Ensure some drying between waterings but avoid extended dry spells. Maintain humidity with occasional misting. Reduce or cease fertilization until new growth appears and spring watering resumes.

This is a T4” in a 2" net pot inside a 4" clay pot, about 2 to 3 years to blooms, Grown from Seed! Limited!

Cattleya warscewiczii var. tipo is a testament to nature's beauty and resilience. With the right care and attention to its native Colombian habitat, you can enjoy the splendor of these orchids in your own collection. Elevate your gardening experience with this remarkable species and watch it flourish in your care.

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