Understanding Cattleya Species Seedling Age Groups

Understanding Cattleya Species Seedling Age Groups

It is important to understand cattleya species growth patterns , so you know what to expect when acquire one.

We can divide orchids into four age groups:

1. Plug Seedlings (from seed to 6 months old), they are really tiny usually < 1"

2. Starter Seedling (from 6 months to a year old), approx 1" to 2" with 1 or 2 leaves.

3. Intermediate Seedlings (1-2+yrs old beginning to look mature), from 3" to 7" with a couple or more of leaves.

4. Mature Size Orchids including Divisions of mature Orchids - 2+yrs old with the ability to bloom at any time-usually at their next blooming season).

At La Foresta Orchids we specialized on: Seedling Intermediate and/or Mature Blooming Size of Cattleya Species.

Seedling Size - are those plants that are in the vegetative phase toward maturity (usually from 18 months to 4 years to blooming size.

The following table relates size with time to first blooming.

T4" - are plants about 4" length and about 1.5 to 2 years to blooming size, could be more or less.
T3" - are plants about 3" length and about 2 to 3 years to blooming size, could be more or less.
T2" - are plants about 2" length and about 3 to 4 years to blooming size, could be more or less.

Important: If you see an orchid about 2" or 3" length but it is described as a Near Blooming Size or Blooming size orchids, please understand that the growing patterns and the development of each orchid varies based on their genetics, therefore the size of the orchids is independent of its maturity, there are orchids miniature or compact in size that seems seedlings but are mature enough to bloom.

We believe buying younger plants is a good way to increase your collection variety at lower costs, is the most cost effective way to start an exciting different and exotic collection of orchids that are very hard to find.

When we classify a cattleya species orchids as rare and hard to find orchids, the point rarity often means that the only way you can buy the orchid is through buying a seedling.

Because quite simply, the mature plants are not commonly available and if they are they are massively expensive so this one more than likely would have been germinated in a flask so the grower would have had maybe 10 15 20 plants and it's just economically viable then you pot each one up grow it on sell it so they are reasonably less expensive and a bit more accessible.

Here you will find orchids from Brazil, Ecuador, Colombia and USA.

Cattleya Seedling are easy to care and they grow fast. Obviously, the disadvantage being of course that seedlings as we know can take time to grow and develop approximately 2 to 3 years if you buy the Cattleya Species Intermediate Seedling size.

When you receive our package, its possible that the roots and bulbs may look shriveled and dried up, please hydrate them with a solution of water, seaweed, superthrive for 2-3 hours, then place it under cover away from the elements about a week or so, or plant them in your preferable orchid mix if you receive your orchid bare-root.

After a week or so, start providing them with the required nutrients for growth based on their requirements and feed them regularly with the macro and micronutrients.

XOXO @LaForestaOrchids

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