Orchid Size Reference Policy


Our orchid size references aim to provide customers with a general understanding of the size and maturity of the orchids they are purchasing. The system primarily centers around a 'typical' medium-sized orchid species, denoted by the designation 'T' for tall or length, measured in inches ("), with a focus on the blooming and near-blooming stages. It is important to note that this system may not be universally applicable to all orchid species, particularly compact miniature orchids or larger varieties such as C. amethystoglossa. Additionally, hybrids may present exceptions due to their potentially larger size and increased blooming frequency.

Our sizing guide provides an estimate of the orchid's size when it reaches blooming stage. It is important to note that this size scale is not universal and is intended for reference on our website.

Here are the approximate sizes for different categories of orchids:

  • Miniature orchids are approximately 1-2 inches in height or length.
  • Compact Small orchids are approximately 3-5 inches in height or length.
  • Medium-sized orchids are approximately 5-9 inches in height or length.
  • Large-sized orchids are approximately over 10 inches in height or length.

Blooming Size:

Orchids designated as "Blooming Size" are poised to bloom, typically within a timeframe of 6 months to 2 years, depending on the genetic traits inherited from their parents. Customers should consider the following scenarios:

  1. Orchids with an already developed new bulb in sheath or identified as blooming size may bloom within 6 months, provided they are in their blooming cycle at the time of purchase.
  2. Orchids identified as blooming size may take up to a year to bloom again if they have recently bloomed, requiring the development of a new bulb.
  3. Bare-root blooming size imported division orchids may take up to 2 years to bloom again, especially when recently repotted, as the import process could potentially set back the orchid.

To address these variations and given the challenge of accurately describing the individual maturity stage of each orchid in our listings, we include the disclaimer: 'This is a blooming size about to bloom in 1 to 2 years. Additionally, it's important to note that the majority of our orchid species are received bare root with no strong root system; this means they may require some extra time to acclimate to the new environment and develop new roots and new growths.

Near Blooming Size:

Orchids labeled as "Near Blooming Size" are anticipated to bloom within 3 to 4 years, influenced by parental genetics.

Intermediate Seedling Size:

These orchids are in the vegetative phase toward maturity, typically requiring up to 5 years to reach blooming size, contingent upon parental genetics. Intermediate Seedling are describe as T4" to T7", T3", T2"; these categories refer to orchids of specific lengths, ranging from 2" to 7", and provide an estimate of the time required to reach blooming size, acknowledging the potential for variations in growth rates.

Understanding Variability:

In cases where an orchid is around 2" or 3" in length but is described as Near Blooming Size or Blooming Size, customers are advised to recognize the inherent variability in growth patterns and development among individual orchids. The size of orchids may not directly correlate with maturity, as some may appear compact or miniature yet be mature enough to bloom.

Photo Requests:

For customers interested in a specific orchid species and seeking recent photos, we encourage reaching out to us. We are committed to providing additional visuals to aid in your decision-making process.


This Orchid Size Reference Policy is designed to enhance customer awareness and understanding of orchid sizes, acknowledging the inherent diversity and unique growth patterns within the orchid kingdom. We are dedicated to providing accurate information and supporting our customers in their orchid selection journey.




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