About Us

Step into the enchanting world of La Foresta Orchids, where rarity meets elegance. Delight in our unparalleled selection of Cattleya orchid species, meticulously gathered, to bring you nature's most exquisite treasures. Explore our curated collection, meticulously chosen to showcase the rarest and most coveted orchids.

Welcome to La Foresta Orchids, your premier destination for exquisite orchids! We specialize in an exclusive online orchid boutique experience, providing mail-order services within USA and its territories, tailored to enthusiasts like you. 

What began as a hobby born out of our shared love for exquisite orchids has blossomed into La Foresta Orchids. Inspired by the enchanting rainforest and the delicate orchids flourishing within, we chose the name "La Foresta Orchids." In Italian, "La Foresta" translates to "The Forest," evoking the lush, vibrant landscape that provides an idyllic backdrop for these captivating flowers. Nestled in the southwest corner of a stunning National Rainforest in the USA, we benefits from the ideal conditions of high humidity levels, intermediate weather at 1,200ft altitude, and daily rain showers—creating the perfect environment for nurturing orchids.

Although our expertise lies in sourcing and presenting the rarest, most distinctive, and elusive Cattleya orchid species and primary hybrids, our inventory extends to encompass a diverse array of orchid varieties. This includes Dendrobiums, Vandas, Stanhopeas, Anguloas, Lycastes, Cymbidiums, Cycnodes, Epidendrums, Maxillarias, Masdevallias, Neofinetias, Bulbophyllums, Trichophilias, Oncidiums, and Miniatures.

We believe that having a rare and unique orchid species in your home is like owning a piece of art from Mother Nature. And, since orchids represent refinement, beauty, charm, and love, making them the perfect gift to celebrate life's precious moments. Don't miss out on the opportunity to own one of these exceptional orchids. 

Whether you are an experienced orchid collector or just starting out, our collection of orchids is sure to inspire you to discover new passions and species. At La Foresta Orchids—we take great pride in providing our customers with the highest quality orchids and unparalleled customer service. Our passion for Cattleya orchids is evident in our dedication to sourcing only the rarest and most unusual varieties.

We invite you to explore our collection and discover the beauty and rarity of our Cattleya orchids species. From vibrant hues to delicate fragrances, each of our orchids is a unique and breathtaking addition to any collection. We guarantee that you'll find the perfect orchid for you, and it it will make your heart sing. Discover the world of possibilities that these stunning blooms have to offer.


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