Unpacking your Orchid Package!

Unpacking your orchid order

To ensure the safe delivery of your new plants, we implement multiple layers of protection during the packing and shipping process.

Firstly, we use shredded paper or napkins securely attached with tape to keep the potting mix in place for your orchids. The plants are then carefully wrapped in shredded newspaper, and the paper is taped together to provide additional cushioning. In cases where there are spikes with buds or flowers, we wrap them with shredded paper and secure them to metal or bamboo stakes. Occasionally, this might require the addition of a longer stake for shipping, which can be easily removed later.

To safeguard the plants from extreme temperatures, and if requested during the checkout process, we further encase them in insulating paper, depending on the season, before placing them in sturdy cardboard boxes.

Upon receiving your package, follow the following steps:

  1. Take out the package from the box and place it flat on a level surface.

  2. Carefully cut the tape securing the newspaper wrap.

  3. Unwrap the orchid from the newspaper with caution, as some may have bloom spikes or new growths developing that require care. If there is a wrapped spike or a new growth, gently remove the poly-fill.

  4. Then, water your orchids and place them in a room with suitable temperature and light conditions.

  5. Afterward, integrate them into your weekly feeding and monthly preventive pest control cycle. All our orchids are preventively treated for pest control on a monthly basis.

  6. DO NOT REMOVE any wood stake that was placed to secure the orchid during transit, until your plants acclimate to their new environment and start developing new roots, especially if the orchid you bought was a newly repotted imported orchid.

  7. DO NOT REPOT. All of our orchid plants are inspected and repotted upon receipt; therefore, there is no need to repot.

Happy Orchid Growing!











































































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