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Oncidium Alliance - Banfieldara Gilded Tower 'Mystic Maze'

Oncidium Alliance - Banfieldara Gilded Tower 'Mystic Maze'

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Banfieldara Gilded Tower also recognized as Brascidostele (Bcd.) Gilded tower (Brassostele Summit x Brassidium Gilded Urchin) produces bright, eye-catching green blooms!

The petals and sepals have chocolate-red markings and the lip is a maze of red vertical striations through the lip. Long lasting flowers that are born on 20-24 inch tall spikes with 10 or more flowers. This plant will flower twice per year.

Blooming Season: Spring, Fall
Temperature: Intermediate-Warm
Light Level: Medium-High
Average Plant Height: 20-28"

Blooming Size Pot Size: 4"

This plant is NOT currently in bud or flowering now.
We will select a healthy, mature size plant similar to the sample photo.
Plant will NOT have buds/blooms. May have new growth or spike, not guaranteed.

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