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Bulbophyllum odoratum

Bulbophyllum odoratum

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Introducing the enchanting Bulbophyllum odoratum, a petite yet prolific bloomer that graces your space with its delicate beauty and sweet fragrance. Native to the lush evergreen lowland forests of Malaysia, Sumatra, Java, and beyond, this botanical treasure thrives both on the ground and nestled within the branches of trees, often with the assistance of friendly ants.

Blooming Delight: Prepare to be mesmerized as Bulbophyllum odoratum bursts into bloom from fall to winter, showcasing an abundance of petite flowers measuring just 0.5 cm in size. Despite their small stature, each blossom exudes a captivating sweet scent, adding a touch of natural perfume to your surroundings. The yellow flowers are tiny with sweet smell but the 18" flower spike is covered in them!

Cultivation Tips: To cultivate your own Bulbophyllum odoratum, provide a habitat reminiscent of its native environment. Aim for cool to intermediate temperatures, maintaining moisture during the summer months while allowing a slight drying period in winter to mimic the natural fluctuations. Ensure ample airflow to prevent fungal issues, and position your plant in a shaded area to shield it from direct sunlight.

Consider potting your Bulbophyllum odoratum in a medium of sphagnum moss or fine bark, or opt for the visually striking option of mounting it on a piece of bark or a raft covered in sphagnum. Embrace its preference for intermediate temperatures ranging from 18-30°C, with a minimum nighttime temperature of 14°C, and maintain humidity levels between 70-80% to keep your plant content.

During active growth phases, water and mist frequently, allowing the substrate to partially dry between waterings to prevent stagnation. Repot or transplant only when necessary, typically signaled by the emergence of new roots during the vegetative restart.

This is a blooming size in a 5" pot, newly repotted, about 1 to.2 years to bloom, grown from seed, limited!

Experience the Magic: Whether adorning your living space with its charming blooms or enchanting your senses with its sweet aroma, Bulbophyllum odoratum promises a rewarding journey into the world of miniature orchids. Easy to cultivate yet endlessly captivating, this botanical gem invites you to embrace the wonder of nature within your own home.

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