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Cattleya guttata var. coerulea x Cattleya leopoldii var. coerulea

Cattleya guttata var. coerulea x Cattleya leopoldii var. coerulea

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Introducing our exquisite creation - Cattleya guttata var. coerulea x Cattleya leopoldii var. coerulea, a mesmerizing primary hybrid that combines the best traits of two Brazilian species. This stunning orchid hybrid promises to enchant any orchid enthusiast with its unique blend of characteristics and captivating allure.

Cattleya guttata var. coerulea and Cattleya leopoldii var. coerulea, the parent species of this hybrid, are renowned for their heads of spotted, waxy, and heavy-substance flowers, adorned with elegant blue lips. By bringing together these two remarkable coerulea forms, we have cultivated a masterpiece that embodies the beauty of both parent species.

With this hybrid, you can expect an exceptional display of bifoliate coeruleas. The bifoliate trait adds to the plant's grace, creating a harmonious balance between the foliage and the enchanting blossoms. Imagine a cluster of resplendent blue flowers delicately perched atop sturdy bifoliate leaves, making it an exquisite addition to any indoor or outdoor orchid collection.

To help you cultivate this natural wonder, we offer some essential tips. Cattleya guttata var. coerulea x Cattleya leopoldii var. coerulea thrives in bright, indirect light, reminiscent of its natural habitat in Brazil. A well-ventilated area with ample air circulation will keep your orchid happy and healthy.

When it comes to watering, maintain a balanced approach. Allow the potting medium to partially dry out between waterings, but never let it become completely dry. Overwatering may cause root rot, which can harm the plant's vitality. During the growing season, a regular fertilization schedule with balanced orchid fertilizer will nourish the plant and encourage vibrant growth.

This hybrid enjoys a slightly cooler and drier rest period during the winter months, preparing it for a glorious blooming season. Providing a drop in temperature and reducing watering during this time will mimic its natural seasonal pattern, ensuring a profusion of blossoms when spring arrives.

As you care for this beautiful orchid, be watchful for any signs of pests or diseases, addressing them promptly to maintain the plant's health and vigor. Regularly inspect the leaves, stems, and roots to catch any issues early on.

This is a T6" in a 4" clay pot about 2 to 3 year to bloom, grown from seed, limited!

In summary, Cattleya guttata var. coerulea x Cattleya leopoldii var. coerulea represents the epitome of nature's artistry, blending the splendor of two esteemed Brazilian coerulea species. With its mesmerizing spotted flowers and elegant blue lips, complemented by bifoliate leaves, this orchid will undoubtedly become the centerpiece of your collection. Embrace the joy of cultivating this extraordinary hybrid and witness the enchanting magic it brings to your orchid sanctuary.

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