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Cattleya warscewiczii var. sanderiana

Cattleya warscewiczii var. sanderiana

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Introducing the Cattleya warscewiczii var. sanderiana: A Fragrant Pink Marvel

Are you ready to enchant your senses with the mesmerizing beauty and captivating fragrance of orchids? Look no further than the Cattleya warscewiczii var. sanderiana. This exceptional orchid variety, with its distinct pink flowers adorned with a darker pink lip, will transport you to a world of elegance and fragrance.

Rare and Radiant: While Cattleya warscewiczii var. sanderiana, pink petals, with darker pink lip, set it apart in the realm of Cattleya orchids. This rare gem is a sight to behold and a treasure to cherish.

Fragrant Elegance: What truly elevates the Cattleya warscewiczii var. sanderiana is its enchanting fragrance. The delightful scent of these blossoms is a symphony of floral notes that will fill your space with a fragrant allure, making it a sensory delight for orchid enthusiasts and admirers alike.

Cattleya warscewiczii is a species found in Colombia. The fragrant flowers can reach up to 12 inches across on tall flower spikes with up to 10 of these huge flowers per inflorescence at maturity. The pseudobulbs are strong and can hold the display of flowers well.

Regal and Grandiose: Similar to its cousins, Cattleya warscewiczii var. sanderiana also showcases a regal grandeur. With its impressive flowers, this orchid adds an air of opulence to any collection. The pink blooms, larger-than-life and arranged gracefully on a vertical spike, command attention and admiration.

Bloom Season Variations: Much like other Cattleya warscewiczii varieties, this orchid follows the two primary blooming seasons. Whether it's the early summer bloomers with their foot-tall pseudobulbs or the later summer varieties boasting taller pseudobulbs and larger, fragrant pink blooms, Cattleya warscewiczii var. sanderiana brings splendor to every season.

Cultivation Tips: To ensure your Cattleya warscewiczii var. sanderiana thrives and blossoms brilliantly, consider these cultivation tips:

  • Early Start: Initiate cultivation in late January or early February to encourage robust flower spikes. Provide abundant sunlight and gentle misting on sunny days for optimal growth.

  • Temperature Control: Regulate temperature and ensure proper airflow to maintain the health and vibrancy of the yellow-green leaves. Shade may be necessary to prevent overheating.

  • Moderate Watering: Limit watering until the new growth reaches a minimum height of 4 inches. Avoid excessive early watering, as it can hinder flower production.

  • Proper Repotting: After flowering, seize the opportunity to repot your orchid to take advantage of the new root growth from the latest pseudobulb.

  • Post-Flowering Rest: Allow your orchid a well-deserved rest after flowering to ensure robust flowering in the following year. Avoid promoting additional growth post-flowering to maintain the natural flowering cycle.

This is a XL blooming size division in a 5" clay pot, newly repotted, about 1 to 2 years to blooms, grown from seed, limited!

Elevate your orchid collection with the enchanting Cattleya warscewiczii var. sanderiana. Its fragrant pink blooms, adorned with a darker pink lip, will infuse your space with elegance and a delightful aroma. This is your chance to own a piece of orchid royalty and experience the magic of Cattleya warscewiczii var. sanderiana.

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