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Cattleya nobilior x Cattleya alaorii

Cattleya nobilior x Cattleya alaorii

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Introducing the stunning hybrid Cattleya alaorii x Cattleya nobilior, a miniature cattleya renowned for its exquisite beauty and ease of cultivation. This extraordinary orchid combines the best features of its parent species to offer a delightful addition to any orchid collection.

With Cattleya alaorii x Cattleya nobilior, you can expect the mesmerizing sight of two full, flat flowers blooming on a single inflorescence. The sepals and petals boast a captivating pink-lavender hue, while the lip features darker lavender tones with striking yellow accents at the center. Adorned with intricate veining in dark lavender, each flower exhibits a remarkable texture akin to diamond dust, enhancing its allure.

Cattleya alaorii, a mini miniature to miniature-sized marvel, brings its own distinct charm to the hybrid. Its creeping rhizome, sometimes branching, gives rise to erect to suberect pseudobulbs. These pseudobulbs, narrow at the base and fusiform in shape, serve as the foundation for its elegant blooms. Cattleya alaorii's flowers open to reveal a distinctive cupped shape, with the 'front' measuring about one inch in diameter. Delicately colored in a soft crystalline pink, they add a touch of ethereal beauty to any orchid collection.

On the other hand, Cattleya nobilior contributes its unique characteristics to the hybrid's allure. Characterized by ellipsoid pseudobulbs carrying two apical, coriaceous leaves, Cattleya nobilior exudes an air of sophistication. Its blooms, borne on slender inflorescences, boast a captivating fragrance reminiscent of vanilla citron. The rose lavender petals, complemented by a lip adorned with yellow diamond-shaped markings, create a visual spectacle that is both enchanting and memorable. With up to three flowers per spike, Cattleya nobilior ensures a continuous display of floral elegance throughout its blooming season.

Cultivating this enchanting orchid is a rewarding experience, especially with the following tips in mind. Cattleya alaorii x Cattleya nobilior thrives in a temperature range from hot to cool, making it adaptable to various growing conditions. As an epiphyte, it appreciates a well-draining medium and benefits from regular watering while allowing for proper drying between intervals. Provide bright, indirect light to encourage robust growth and prolific flowering.

Understanding the unique growth habits of its parent species further enhances the care regimen for Cattleya alaorii x Cattleya nobilior. Cattleya alaorii, with its miniature stature and creeping rhizome, requires a substrate that promotes adequate drainage and air circulation. Its cupped flowers, delicately pink in color, add a touch of elegance to any setting.

Meanwhile, Cattleya nobilior's ellipsoid pseudobulbs and fragrant, rose lavender flowers contribute to the hybrid's overall charm. The lip, adorned with yellow diamond-shaped markings, is a hallmark feature that captivates admirers. Emulating the slender inflorescence of its noble parent, Cattleya alaorii x Cattleya nobilior showcases its blooms with grace, producing one to three flowers per spike.

This is a blooming size in a 4" pot, about 1 to 2 years to bloom, grown from seed, limited!

Whether you're a seasoned orchid enthusiast or a novice gardener, Cattleya Kiritsubo 'Sierra Rose' 4N promises to be a delightful addition to your collection. With proper care and attention to its unique requirements, this hybrid orchid will reward you with a profusion of blooms and a touch of botanical splendor to brighten any space.

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