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Cattleya candida 'Tsubota Splash' x Laelia anceps 'Bull's Var'

Cattleya candida 'Tsubota Splash' x Laelia anceps 'Bull's Var'

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Embark on a botanical journey with this new primary hybrid between Cattleya candida 'Tsubota Splash' x Laelia anceps 'Bull's Var'— a new primary hybrid that promises a delightful surprise for orchid enthusiasts seeking the rare and unique.

Cattleya candida 'Tsubota Splash' x Laelia anceps 'Bull's Var' + Oryzalin. This is a spectacular remake of a now extinct 1917 McBeans' hybrid with the added value of both a tetraploid percentage and every plant carrying alba genes from the famous L. anceps 'Bull's Var'!!!

Note: As we are unable to provide a photo of the results from this new primary hybrid cross, only photos of the parents are available. the mystery surrounding this hybrid adds to its allure, is you love surprises!

Imagine the enchanting blend of characteristics inherited from its distinguished parents—the bell-shaped, fragrant blooms of Cattleya candida and the star-shaped, scented flowers of Laelia anceps.

If you revel in surprises and covet the extraordinary, this is your chance to bring home an orchid that transcends expectations. Embrace the anticipation, and let the unseen beauty of this exclusive hybrid captivate your senses. Your orchid collection is about to become a canvas of rare and uncharted elegance—order now and be among the first to experience this botanical marvel! 🌿✨

Cattleya candida 'Tsubota Splash': Emanating from the eastern slope of the Andes in Colombia, the Cattleya candida 'Tsubota Splash' boasts medium-sized, warm to cool growing epiphytic stems. Its fragrant flowers, with a distinctive bell-like shape, exhibit white sepals and petals adorned with fringed margins. The lip, a captivating yellow hue with rich magenta-purple tinting towards the front, adds a touch of elegance. This orchid demands a light level of 25,000-50,000 lux, thriving in well-ventilated environments with proper temperature control. With careful attention to lighting and temperature, this Cattleya candida hybrid is sure to be a delightful addition to any orchid collection.

Laelia anceps 'Bull's Var': Hailing from Mexico, Honduras, and Guatemala, the Laelia anceps 'Bull's Var' graces us with its medium-sized, warm to cool growing demeanor. Its ovate-oblong pseudobulbs carry leathery, oblong-lanceolate leaves, providing a striking backdrop for its mesmerizing flowers. Blossoming in autumn to spring, the Laelia anceps features 2 to 6 scented, star-shaped flowers in a terminal cluster. The petals, ranging from pink to purple, create a captivating display. Thriving in bright sunlight, Laelia anceps requires a moderately cool temperature range and humidity levels of at least 60%, making it a fascinating and visually stunning orchid. Incorporate the beauty of Laelia anceps into your collection for a touch of exotic charm.

🌿 Cultivating Tips for Success: Lighting Magic: Provide a bright environment with 25,000-50,000 lux for optimal growth. Cattleya candida thrives under glass but needs protection from scorching. Embrace the magic of light to encourage flowering.

Temperature Tidbits: Mimic the natural habitats of both parents by maintaining a cool to warm environment. Keep the winter nighttime temperature between 7-12°C and daytime temperatures between 10-17°C for Cattleya candida. Laelia anceps, on the other hand, prefers a moderately cool regime, with summer daytime temperatures at 18-22°C and winter temperatures at 15°C during the day and 10°C at night.

Humidity Harmony: Strike the perfect balance with 70-80% humidity. Create an atmosphere where these beauties can thrive without inhibiting growth or causing yellowing leaves.

Substrate Sophistication: Pot them with a well-draining mix, such as osmunda fibre, sphagnum moss, or a combination of various mediums. Avoid overly large pots to prevent root rot and ensure quick drying after watering.

Watering Wisdom: Tailor your watering routine to the air conditions. On dry, hot days, frequent waterings are crucial, while on rainy days, adjust accordingly. Laelia anceps on blocks can handle abundant water, but pots require careful drainage management.

Fertilizer Finesse: Feed regularly during active growth, alternating between high-nitrogen fertilizers in spring and phosphorus-rich ones in late summer. Maintain the health of your orchids by preventing mineral deposits and rinsing pots regularly.

Restful Respite: Acknowledge the winter rest period by adjusting watering, temperature, and fertilizer. Allow your orchids to experience a natural cycle, stimulating them for a vibrant spring awakening.

This is a near blooming size in a 4" clay pot, about 2 to 4 years to bloom, grown from seed, limited!

Embrace the unknown and make space for the extraordinary in your orchid collection. This limited edition hybrid is your ticket to a botanical adventure—order yours now and witness the magic unfold! 🌺✨

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