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Cattleya Cattlianthe Chocolate Drop 'Yellow Chiffon'

Cattleya Cattlianthe Chocolate Drop 'Yellow Chiffon'

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Introducing the enchanting Cattleya Chocolate Drop 'Yellow Chiffon'—a captivating hybrid that epitomizes elegance and charm. Born from the union of Cattleya guttata and Cattleya aurantiaca, this rare variant boasts delicate yellow flowers, a testament to its genetic uniqueness. Retaining the irresistible fragrance of its predecessor, the Cattleya Chocolate Drop 'Yellow Chiffon' offers an olfactory delight that complements its stunning appearance.

Each bloom of the Cattleya Chocolate Drop 'Yellow Chiffon' is a masterpiece, showcasing large petals painted in a mesmerizing shade of yellow, accented by a graceful yellow lip—a true reflection of nature's artistry. These exquisite flowers, lasting for weeks, will effortlessly enhance any space with their beauty.

Cultivating this botanical treasure is a rewarding experience, made simple with a few expert tips. Provide a moderate to warm environment, ensuring ample lighting for healthy blooming, typically once or twice a year. Weekly application of a well-balanced NPK fertilizer encourages robust growth, while maintaining moist soil and adequate humidity levels ensures the plant thrives.

With a preference for compact spaces, the Cattleya Chocolate Drop 'Yellow Chiffon' flourishes when root-bound in a small pot. During warm summers, consider placing it outdoors in a shaded area to bask in the natural light it craves. As winter approaches and growth slows, reduce watering to accommodate its seasonal rhythm.

This is a near blooming size in a 4” clay pot, about 3 to 4 years to bloom, newly repotted, grown from seed, limited!

For optimal care, indulge your Cattleya Chocolate Drop 'Yellow Chiffon' with the finest growing mediums, such as Sphagnum Moss or Tropical Mix, and watch it flourish. Embrace its love for warm summers, encourage growth with regular feeding, and prepare to be enchanted by the timeless beauty of this exceptional cattleya hybrid.

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