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Cattleya dolosa var. alba

Cattleya dolosa var. alba

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Introducing Cattleya dolosa var. alba, an exquisite orchid species originating from the lush lands of Brazil. Renowned for its delicate beauty and captivating fragrance, this miniature to small-sized wonder is a must-have for any orchid enthusiast. It originates from Brazil, growing epiphytic on trees close to river streams.

In its natural habitat, Cattleya dolosa var. alba thrives as an epiphyte, gracefully adorning trees with its fusiform pseudobulbs and slender leaves. Cattleya dolosa var. alba produces a large elegant flower in shades of white and cream with a frilly lip, large round petals and pointed sepals. The lip forms a seal around the column, a unique feature not found in other varieties. Its remarkable density and crystalline texture set it apart. Its growth pattern is characterized by cleanliness, height, erectness, closely spaced internodes, and it lacks the tendency to spread like many others. Additionally, it frequently produces multiple blooms throughout the year.

Cultivating this botanical treasure is a rewarding endeavor, provided you adhere to its specific care requirements. Here are some tips to ensure your Cattleya dolosa var. alba flourishes:

Light: Embrace bright sunlight, especially from southern, south-western, or western windows, to encourage robust growth and abundant flowering. Adequate light exposure, coupled with good air circulation, is essential for optimal development.

Temperature: Maintain a moderately warm environment, with summer temperatures not exceeding 35°C and winter temperatures around 15°C during the day and 10-12°C at night. Remember, a slight drop in nighttime temperature stimulates healthy growth.

Humidity: Create a humid haven for your Cattleya dolosa var. alba, aiming for humidity levels of at least 60%, preferably 75-80%. Avoid excessively dry conditions, which can impede growth and diminish floral splendor.

Substrate and Growing Media: Opt for a well-draining substrate comprising a blend of coniferous bark, charcoal, and sphagnum moss (20-25%). Pots, hanging lattice baskets, or mounted on blocks are suitable cultivation options.

Watering: Tailor watering frequency to ambient temperature, ensuring thorough hydration while allowing roots to dry adequately between waterings. Daily morning watering is recommended for plants on blocks, promoting healthy root conditions.

Fertilization: During periods of active growth, administer diluted fertilizer weekly to support nutrient uptake and vibrant foliage. Adjust fertilization frequency during dormancy periods accordingly.

Rest Period: Honor the orchid's natural rhythm by providing a cool dormancy period in winter. Reduce watering and withhold fertilization, maintaining lower temperatures to facilitate rejuvenation.

Cattleya dolosa var. alba boasts a rich history, once believed to be a natural hybrid before earning recognition as a distinct species. Though rare in cultivation, its unparalleled allure merits a cherished place in your botanical collection. 

Cattleya dolosa var. alba is found in Brazil in the states of Minas Gerias and São Paulo, it is frequently found growing on streamside trees. It is a compact, bifoliate plant under 10” tall with fragrant flowers that are usually 3 to 4” wide but can be up to 5".

This is a blooming size orchid division; newly repotted in a 4" pot; about 1 to 2 years to bloom; Grown from seed; Limited!

Experience the timeless elegance of Cattleya dolosa var. alba, an emblem of botanical refinement and natural splendor. Embrace its allure and nurture its beauty to witness nature's masterpiece unfold in your own home.

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