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Cattleya dowiana var. rosita x Cattleya warscewiczii var. tipo

Cattleya dowiana var. rosita x Cattleya warscewiczii var. tipo

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As a naturally occurring hybrid, Cattleya hardyana's offspring resulting from crossbreeding with C. dowiana aurea or C. warscewiczii in the jungle would be accepted as straight Cattleya hardyana by orchid experts.

Cattleya x hardyana originates from Colombia, specifically an area in Frontino where Cattleya warscewiczii x Cattleya dowiana aurea grew together. This species prefers warm to cool growing conditions and has stout, short, spindle-shaped stems that carry a single leaf. Its physical appearance and growth habits are similar to Cattleya warscewiczii.

In the summer, Cattleya x hardyana blooms on a scape carrying 3-5 large (about 8 inches across) blooms that range in color from magenta to rosy purple. The lip is very broad and fringed, magenta crimson in shade with yellow lining the throat and rear portion of the labellum. Additionally, the yellow blotches on the side lobes, typical of Cattleya warscewiczii, are present.

This species is easy to grow and requires normal cattleya care. It prefers lots of sun and moving air, and like Cattleya warscewiczii, buds emerge from the sheath before the new growth is fully mature.

Cattleya x hardyana begins growing in early spring in the United States, and its flowers open in early August. It is generally a more reliable bloomer than Cattleya warscewiczii and should only be repotted when it starts sending out roots from the newest pseudobulb, which usually occurs just after flowering.

This is a near blooming size a 2" net pot​ inside in a 4" clay pot, ​about 3 ​to 4 ​years to bloom. ​Grown from Seed! Limited!

This is an extremely rare and uncommon occurrence, as this specific hybridization between Cattleya warscewiczii x Cattleya dowiana has only been carried out using Cattleya dowiana var. rosita.

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