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Cattleya jongheana 4N x Cattleya Luminosa 4N

Cattleya jongheana 4N x Cattleya Luminosa 4N

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Introducing the stunning Cattleya jongheana 4N x Cattleya Luminosa 4N, a groundbreaking hybrid cross that brings together the exquisite beauty with its unique blend of characteristics and delightful surprises.

Cattleya jongheana, showcasing large lavender/pink petals and a ruffled white or yellow lip. The orange throat adds a touch of warmth, creating a visual spectacle that is truly enchanting.

Cattleya Luminosa, this hybrid promises long-lasting flowers on a blooming-sized plant. With its medium to large size and vibrant colors, the orchid blooms into a breathtaking display, living up to the luminous legacy of its parentage.

Cattleya jongheana:

Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of Cattleya jongheana, a compact growing cattleya species that is sure to captivate orchid enthusiasts. This orchid boasts large, mesmerizing lavender/pink petals that delicately unfold against a backdrop of lush, green foliage. The ruffled white or yellow lip adds an elegant touch, creating a visually striking contrast. Notably, the yolky orange throat serves as the focal point, radiating warmth and enhancing the overall allure of this botanical wonder. Cattleya jongheana is a testament to the beauty that thrives in compact forms, offering a unique and delightful addition to any orchid collection.

Cattleya Luminosa:

Step into the world of "brilliant light" with Cattleya Luminosa, a remarkable hybrid of Cattleya dowiana and Cattleya tenebrosa. As a "primary hybrid," this orchid inherits the best qualities from its parentage, resulting in a breathtaking medium to large growing specimen. The allure of Cattleya Luminosa lies in its great long-lasting flowers that grace the plant during the blooming season.

Expect an explosion of colors, ranging from sunny yellows to deep purples, oranges, and reds. The fragrance that accompanies these flowers adds a sensory dimension to the already captivating visual display. Cattleya Luminosa is a shining star in orchid cultivation, making it a perfect choice for collectors seeking both beauty and resilience.

Growing Recommendations:

  1. Light: Cultivate this hybrid in bright, indirect light to promote healthy growth and vibrant blooms.
  2. Humidity: Maintain high humidity levels to mimic the orchid's natural habitat and encourage robust development.
  3. Air Circulation: Ensure good air circulation around the plant to prevent issues related to excess moisture.
  4. Watering: During active growth, water the orchid heavily, allowing the roots to dry rapidly after each watering.
  5. Container Choice: Consider mounting on a suitable substrate or growing it in baskets to provide excellent drainage and aeration.

A Surprise for Your Collection: If you love surprises, Cattleya jongheana 4N x Cattleya Luminosa 4N is a must-have addition to your orchid collection. Revel in the anticipation of discovering the unique characteristics and beauty that unfold with each bloom.

This is a blooming size in a 4" clay pot, about 1 to 2 years to bloom, grown from seed, limited!

Transform your orchid collection with the brilliance of Cattleya jongheana 4N x Cattleya Luminosa 4N. Elevate your orchid-growing experience with this exceptional and fragrant orchid that promises to be a standout in any collection.

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