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Cattleya labiata var. coerulea 'September Mist'

Cattleya labiata var. coerulea 'September Mist'

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Introducing the exquisite Cattleya labiata var. coerulea 'September Mist' AM/AOS – a rare gem prized for its breathtaking beauty and elusive charm. This select variant boasts a captivating blush coloring that sets it apart as a true collector's delight.

Native to Brazil, Cattleya labiata is renowned for its fall blooming season, earning its place as a cornerstone of the cut flower industry in the United States. 'September Mist' emerges as a distinguished member of this esteemed species, characterized by its large, well-shaped blossoms adorning medium-sized foliage.

Cultivating this botanical wonder is a rewarding experience, as Cattleya labiata is hailed as one of the hardiest and most vigorous species within its genus. Its growth cycle typically commences in February, reaching completion by June. Remarkably, early completion of growth often heralds the development of a second growth phase, maturing by late July or early August, resulting in a simultaneous burst of exquisite blooms.

To ensure optimal growth and flowering, provide ample sunlight and air circulation – essential elements for the thriving of Cattleya labiata. Monitoring leaf coloration, aiming for a light green hue, signifies ideal conditions for the emergence of its magnificent five-flowered bloom spikes.

For successful cultivation, adhere to the natural rhythm of this species, allowing for a resting period post-flowering. During this phase, water sparingly to prevent root rot and facilitate robust growth come spring. Repotting is best performed in the spring, coinciding with the emergence of new roots from the front pseudobulb.

This is a blooming size in a 5” pot, newly repotted about 1 to 2 years to bloom, grown from seed, limited!

Experience the allure of Cattleya labiata var. coerulea 'September Mist' AM/AOS – a botanical treasure that epitomizes elegance and grace, sure to enrapture enthusiasts and collectors alike. Don't miss the opportunity to add this rare and exceptional specimen to your orchid collection today.

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