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Cattleya lawrenceana var. flamea

Cattleya lawrenceana var. flamea

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Cattleya lawrenceana var. flamea has a dark intense pink color compare with the concolor variant. 

Cattleya lawrenceana is one of the rarest Cattleya species in cultivation in the United States today!

Cattleya lawrenceana is native to the Gran Sabana area of eastern Venezuela, where Venezuela borders Brazil and Guyana. It has been founf on all sides of this border, but Venezuela is its principal habitat. The plants grow in forested areas, usually near streams or rivers, and are most abundant at elevations between 1,200 and 4,00 feet above sea level. The most famous home of C. lawrenceana is at the foot of the twin table mountains, Mt. Roraima and Mt. Kukenan, two picturesque plateaus in Roraima that rise almost vertically some 8,000 feet.

Cattleya lawrenceana is one of the more difficult of the Cattleya species to grow well. It should not be given too much water during the winter months, when it is dormant, but should be watered with care at this time of year. It responds well to light sprays when it begins to grow, and can be watered heavily when at night temperatures are warm in the summertime.

Cattleya lawrenceana benefits from as much sun and moving air as Cattleya warscewiczii, which may account for the reddish color of the leaves and pseudobulbs on most plants. I find it grows best when slightly under-potted, much as you would with Cattleya dowiana. Because of its small size, a 5-inch clay pot is large for this plant.

Cattleya lawrenceana will normally begin growing during the summer in the United States, and complete its growth during October or November, then rest until it begins flowering in early spring. It does not respond well to repotting and I recommend just moving it on into the next larger pot whenever possible. Cattleya lawrenceana requires a night temperature of 65F, which is higher than most other Cattleya species, but will tolerate cooler temperatures down to 60 F if you cannot provide the higher temperature.

This is a blooming size in a 5” clay pot newly repotted about 1 to 2 years to bloom. Grown from Seed! Limited

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