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Cattleya Leoloddiglossa var. coerulea 'Exotic Orchids 4N'

Cattleya Leoloddiglossa var. coerulea 'Exotic Orchids 4N'

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Introducing Cattleya Leoloddiglossa var. coerulea 'Exotic Orchids 4N' - a truly exceptional orchid with robust growth and stunning flower quality. This cultivar is a tetraploid mutation derived from the cloning of the renowned 'Exotic Orchids' AM/AOS. What sets this variety apart is its substantial weight, which is nearly twice as heavy as its diploid counterparts.

With its remarkable lineage comprising three Cattleya species - leopoldii, loddigesii, and amethystoglossa - Cattleya Leoloddiglossa var. coerulea 'Exotic Orchids 4N'  showcases a breakthrough in hybridization. It is particularly notable for being the first highly successful coerulea (blue) flower with darker coerulea spots, adding an element of intrigue and uniqueness to its appearance.

The flowers of this cultivar possess a full shape and an extraordinary heavy substance, lending them an exquisite presence. What makes them even more captivating is their coerulea flower color, which carries a slight pink cast, resulting in a truly unusual and mesmerizing hue.

One fascinating characteristic of this 4n mutation is its ability to pass on the tetraploid trait to its offspring. Through our experience, we have observed that selfing a 4n plant tends to produce predominantly 4n offspring. This presents a rare opportunity for orchid enthusiasts to acquire a cultivar of Leoloddiglossa that possesses this desirable tetraploid attribute.

To cultivate Cattleya Leoloddiglossa var. coerulea 'Exotic Orchids 4N' successfully, it is important to provide it with the optimal growing conditions. These robust plants thrive in bright, filtered light, preferably with a touch of morning or late afternoon sun. Maintaining a daytime temperature range of 70-80°F (21-27°C) and a slightly cooler nighttime temperature around 60-65°F (15-18°C) promotes healthy growth and flowering.

Regarding watering, it is essential to strike a balance. Allow the roots to dry slightly between waterings to prevent the risk of root rot, but ensure they never completely dry out. A well-draining potting mix formulated for orchids, supplemented with occasional fertilization during the active growth period, will support the plant's vitality.

This is a near to blooming size in a 4" clay pot, about 2 to 3 years to bloom, grown from seed, limited.

With proper care, Cattleya Leoloddiglossa var. coerulea 'Exotic Orchids 4N'  is poised to flourish and reward its owner with exceptional blooms. Don't miss this rare opportunity to add a tetraploid Leoloddiglossa cultivar to your orchid collection. Embrace the beauty and allure of this extraordinary orchid variety today!

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