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Cattleya lueddemanniana var. rubra 'Infierno' x var. rubra 'Canaima's Devil'

Cattleya lueddemanniana var. rubra 'Infierno' x var. rubra 'Canaima's Devil'

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Introducing the Cattleya lueddemanniana variant rubra, an extraordinary hybrid that combines the captivating beauty of Cattleya lueddemanniana var. rubra 'Infierno' with the alluring charm of Cattleya lueddemanniana var. rubra 'Canaima's Devil.' This unique variant of Cattleya lueddemanniana showcases its own distinct characteristics, making it a must-have for orchid enthusiasts.

Cattleya lueddemanniana is a small and compact unifoliate cattleya species that originates from the lush landscapes of Venezuela. The stunning flowers of this variant are large and can reach an impressive size of 7" across, although they typically measure around 6". Renowned as one of our favorite cattleya species, it never fails to captivate with its delicate pinkish-lavender hues.

This variant blooms primarily during the spring season, enchanting your space with its mesmerizing floral display. On occasion, it may surprise you with an additional burst of blossoms in the fall, ensuring year-round beauty. Each plant in this crop is grown from seed, allowing for a fascinating blend of characteristics inherited from its parents. As a result, you can expect some variation in flower color among the plants, with shades ranging from dark pink to purple.

What sets this particular variant apart is its exceptional fragrance, making it one of the most aromatic orchids we have encountered. The enchanting scent permeates your growing space, enveloping it in a delightful ambiance. The flowers of this magnificent species boast a full shape, larger size, and increased thickness, enhancing both their visual appeal and their aromatic allure.

Our Cattleya lueddemanniana variant rubra is a blooming size orchid conveniently potted in a 4" clay pot. Recently repotted, it is ready to grace your collection and embark on its blooming journey. While the exact timing may vary, you can expect this orchid to bloom within the next 1 to 2 years, rewarding your patience with its extraordinary floral display.

Indulge your senses with the exquisite beauty and captivating fragrance of the Cattleya lueddemanniana variant rubra. Add this remarkable orchid to your collection today and experience the joy of cultivating this unique hybrid.

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