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Cattleya mooreana

Cattleya mooreana

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Introducing Moore's Cattleya - The Rare Beauty from Peru!

Experience the allure of Cattleya mooreana, a captivating orchid species native to the lush, wet forests of central and northeast Peru. Although not as compact as some other Cattleya varieties, this extraordinary orchid boasts a manageable average height of 14 inches, making it an exquisite addition to any orchid enthusiast's collection.

Native Habitat and Elevation Range: In its natural habitat, Cattleya mooreana thrives on large branches in moist, mountainous areas. It can be found at elevations between 1950 and 1800 feet, with some of its specimens near Moyobamba, situated at the lower end of its elevation range. This enchanting orchid was first described in 1988, making it a relatively recent discovery in the world of Cattleya history.

Breathtaking Flowers and Blooming Season: The beauty of Moore's Cattleya lies in its delicate flowers, which exude a lovely fragrance. Each inflorescence can bear up to 5 flowers, though it typically blooms with fewer. The enchanting flowers boast a height of 3.5 inches and come in varying shades of pale green, chartreuse, or yellow, accented by elegant Burgundy markings on the lip. These long-lived blooms make for a mesmerizing display during the summer months as new growth begins to mature.

Cultivating Tips for Success: Cattleya mooreana thrives under specific conditions that mimic its natural habitat. To ensure its prosperity, here are some key cultivation tips:

  1. Light: Place your orchid in a well-lit area where it can receive bright, indirect light. Avoid direct sunlight as it may scorch the delicate leaves.

  2. Water: Keep the soil consistently moist throughout the year, providing a good balance of hydration without overwatering. Allow the growing medium to dry slightly between waterings to prevent root rot.

  3. Temperature: Maintain an intermediate to warm temperature range to replicate the orchid's native climate. Avoid exposing the plant to extreme temperature fluctuations.

  4. Potting and Medium: Use a well-draining potting mix suitable for orchids. Repot the plant every two to three years to ensure healthy root growth.

  5. Humidity: As a forest-dwelling orchid, Cattleya mooreana thrives in a humid environment. Consider using a humidity tray or room humidifier to maintain adequate moisture levels.

Bring Home the Exclusivity: Cattleya mooreana is a rare gem in the world of orchid collections, and its allure lies in its distinct beauty and scarcity. Embrace the opportunity to add this exceptional species to your orchid family, and marvel at its captivating flowers and delicate charm.

This is a blooming size in a 4” clay pot about 1 to 2 years to bloom, grown from seed, limited!

With its fascinating history, extraordinary blooms, and specific cultivation needs, Moore's Cattleya is a true treasure for any orchid enthusiast. Elevate your collection with this unique and alluring orchid species from Peru!

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