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Cattleya Moscombe - Variegated Orchid!

Cattleya Moscombe - Variegated Orchid!

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Cattleya Moscombe (Cattleya Mosnor × Cattleya Sedlescombe) with variegated leaves; these are extremely hard to find variegated leaves cattleyas. Plants tend to be slow growing, but foliage is just beautiful. Moscombe is a very famous splash petal breeding plant. 

This variety of Cattleya Moscombe is maybe the nicest variegated Cattleya. The yellow colored variegation are thick and look really nice with the green vins in the middle of the leaves. The flowers are also quite nice, white and red In color, good sized and have nice fragrance.

Care: Cattleya moscombe with variegated leaves should be in bright filtered light with medium water/fertilizers, reduced waterings as temperature falls.

Cattleya moscombe with variegated leaves blooms in summer and fall, large flowers, fragrant, long-lasting blooms.

This is a blooming size in a 3.5" clay pot, newly repotted, about 2 to 3 years to blooms. Grown from Seed! Limited!
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