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Cattleya percivaliana 'Big claude' x "Canaima's Paramo' AM/AVO

Cattleya percivaliana 'Big claude' x "Canaima's Paramo' AM/AVO

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Cattleya percivaliana is primarily a Venezuelan species from the northwestern mountains although it has been reported from neighboring Colombia as well.

The species is generally found between 1400 - 2000 meters but seems to be adaptable to lower elevations.

Indeed, even growers in warm sea-level South Florida or Puerto Rico can grow C. percivaliana without problems. It usually grows as an epiphyte, but is also found growing lithophytically on rocky cliffs where it receives nearly full sun.

Generally, Cattleya percivaliana is a somewhat smaller plant than other labiate cattleyas with the total height around a 12". Flowers are produced 2-6 in the autumn or winter.

In nature, they bloom earlier but we always see them at Christmas and the species is often referred to as the "Christmas Orchid". The form of the flowers is generally better than the typical form of other labiate cattleyas; they are fuller and flatter although sometimes smaller.

This is a T4" seedling in a 4"pot aprox 2 to 3 years to blooming size

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