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Cattleya purpurata var. cinderosa

Cattleya purpurata var. cinderosa

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Cattleya purpurata var. cinderosa, the flowers are about 5 inches wide and blooms in late spring.

Famous variety is famous for good reason. Extremely beautiful and showy. Beautiful rich royal red-purple lips against light sepals and petals. Cattleya purpurata are easy to grow and rewarding.

Cattleya purpurata is native to Santa Caterina in southern Brazil where it is so admired that it is the state flower of Santa Caterina. It is extremely popular with local Brazilian orchid growers and rare clones garner handsome prices — in the thousands of dollars. Whole orchid shows are dedicated to L. purpurata and, with its many color forms, it is a collector’s dream.

Cattleya purpurata has the same cultural requirements as the other large-flowered Cattleya species. It benefits from lots of sun and moving air and a temperature between 58–60 F (14.5–15.5 C) at night and 80–85 F (26.5–29.5 C) during the day. It usually begins sending up new growths in late summer and early autumn in the United States.

These growths will be completed by mid-January or early February and buds will begin to form in the sheath after a short rest period. The plants will flower from late May into June, depending on the clone.

This is a near blooming in a 4.5” clay pot, about 2 to 3 years from blooming size, it really is one of the most beautiful orchids.

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