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Cattleya schilleriana var. aurea x var. albescens

Cattleya schilleriana var. aurea x var. albescens

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A miniature compact bifoliate cattleya, this species has undulated yellow petals and a ruffled white lip heavily overlaid with rich magenta. Spring. Medium size.

Cattleya schilleriana var. aurea x Cattleya schilleriana var. albecens,  is a very rare yellowish form from Espirito Santo in Brazil. Now nearly extinct. These seed grown plants are flowering size. Very fragrant.

Cattleya prefers good ventilation, high humidity, as well as lots of indirect light (ie, no sunlight directly on the plant) and environments with a temperature between 18 ° and 25 ° C.

If the temperature is not in this range, flowering can be inhibited and interference in the quality of leaves and flowers.

The color of the leaves indicates whether the light they receive is adequate or not. Very dark leaves are a sign of low light, which can compromise flowering. Very light leaves such as a yellowish green indicate too much light.

Always place the orchids new growth facing the side of the highest light.

Blooming Size division, mounted in a plastic slab

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