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Cattleya schofieldiana 'Gu' x 'Ano Nuovo'

Cattleya schofieldiana 'Gu' x 'Ano Nuovo'

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Cattleya schofieldiana 'Gu' x 'ano nuovo', is native to Brazil, grows on trees or rocky slope faces. Roots grow among mosses and lichens and extend about 2 feet in habitat.

Bifoliate. Flower Size: 4 inches (10 cm)

Cattleya schofieldiana produces between two and five flowers per stem. The flower color is a tawny yellow that has dense maroon spotting on the petals and sepals. The purple or magenta lip has lots of hairy protrusions and has a white margins.

Bloom Season: Summer
Growing Temperature: Intermediate to Warm

Dark flowers and wavy petals make Cattleya schofieldiana an interesting conversation piece. This species was once considered a variety of Cattleya granulosa, but flowers in the fall rather than in the spring. Nothing out of the ordinary is required culturally. It does not have a distinctive rest period.

This is a blooming size division in a 5” clay pot newly repotted about 1 to 2 years to bloom. Grown from Seed! Limited 

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