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Cattleya velutina

Cattleya velutina

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Introducing the exquisite Cattleya velutina, a rare and unique orchid that is sure to captivate any plant lover's heart. This stunning plant boasts velvety, deep magenta petals that shimmer in the light, offset by a vibrant yellow center, making it a true feast for the eyes.

But Cattleya velutina is more than just a pretty face. This orchid is also highly prized for its delightful fragrance, which is reminiscent of sweet honey and vanilla. With its heady scent and striking appearance, Cattleya velutina is a true showstopper that will add a touch of elegance to any space.

Native to the forests of Brazil, Cattleya velutina is a rare find and highly sought after by collectors and enthusiasts alike. It is a relatively compact plant, growing to a height of around 30cm, which makes it perfect for displaying on a windowsill, tabletop, or as a centerpiece in a larger arrangement.
Cattleya velutina is a very unique and super rare species from Brazil with beautiful yellow-bronze 4" bifoliate waxy flowers with deep red to burgundy spotting. The lip is colored in white and overlaid with radiating purple stripes and a yellow throat.

This is quite rare in nature. The flowers are very fragrant! One of the best smelling Cattleya species we have experienced.

This is one of the bifoliate species that likes intermediate to warm temperatures and a bit shadier conditions in terms of light levels. Humidity is a must, and bright light. Water as the potting mix just approaches dryness or just dries out. When in bud or bloom keep more evenly moist.

Cattleya velutina is also relatively easy to care for, thriving in bright, indirect light and moderate humidity levels. It prefers a well-draining growing medium, and should be watered sparingly to avoid overwatering.

This is Blooming Size in a 5" clay pot, about 1 to 2 years to blooms, Grown from Seed! Limited!

In summary, Cattleya velutina is a rare and unique orchid that is both visually stunning and highly fragrant, making it a must-have for any plant enthusiast or collector. With its compact size and easy care requirements, it is sure to add a touch of luxury and sophistication to any space.

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