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Cattleya warscewiczii var. semi alba 'Frau Melanie Beyrodt' FCC/AOS x 'Bedford'

Cattleya warscewiczii var. semi alba 'Frau Melanie Beyrodt' FCC/AOS x 'Bedford'

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Introducing the Cattleya warscewiczii var. semi alba 'Frau Melanie Beyrodt' FCC/AOS x 'Bedford'

Are you ready to elevate your orchid collection to new heights of elegance and beauty? Look no further than the Cattleya warscewiczii var. semi alba 'Frau Melanie Beyrodt' FCC/AOS x 'Bedford.' This extraordinary orchid variety combines rarity, size, and breathtaking aesthetics, making it a true gem among orchid enthusiasts.

Rare Beauty and Rich History: Cattleya warscewiczii var. semi alba, while not as elusive as its alba counterpart, still stands as a rare treasure among Cattleya species. Among these, 'Frau Melanie Beyrodt' FCC/RHS (1904) shines as a star. Often affectionately abbreviated as "F.M.B.," this exceptional orchid has gained recognition as the primary breeding choice for semi alba Cattleya hybrids.

Regal and Grandiose: What sets the Cattleya warscewiczii apart is its sheer magnificence. With flowers that can span up to an astonishing 12 inches across, it claims the title of the largest-flowered Cattleya. A single mature spike can hold up to 10 of these colossal blossoms, arranged almost vertically. This distinctive trait sets it apart from its horizontal-flowering counterparts, adding to the overall grandeur of this magnificent orchid. Truly, C. warscewiczii reigns as the king of the Cattleya species.

Bloom Season Variations: Cattleya warscewiczii showcases two main types. The first group blooms from late June to early July in the United States and boasts pseudobulbs of approximately a foot in height. Notable varieties in this group include 'Firmin Lambeau,' 'F.M.B.,' and the lavender-hued "Imperialis" forms. The second major type blooms from late July to early August, characterized by taller pseudobulbs and larger, more vibrant flowers with pronounced lips. This group is home to the "Sanderiana" forms of C. warscewiczii.

Distinctive and Recognizable: Identifying Cattleya warscewiczii is a relatively straightforward task due to its distinctive flowering season and growth patterns. Unlike some other large-flowered Cattleya species, which display a myriad of color forms, lavender-hued C. warscewiczii varieties tend to share a striking resemblance.

Cultivation Tips: To ensure your Cattleya warscewiczii thrives and blooms spectacularly, consider these cultivation tips:

  • Early Start: Begin cultivating your orchid in late January or early February for robust flower spikes. Provide ample sunlight and light misting on sunny days to encourage growth.

  • Temperature Control: Maintain a yellow-green hue in the leaves by regulating temperature and ensuring good airflow. Prevent leaf overheating by adding shade when necessary.

  • Moderate Watering: Limit watering until the new growth reaches at least 4 inches in height. Excessive early watering may hinder flower production.

  • Proper Repotting: Repot immediately after flowering to capitalize on new root growth from the newest pseudobulb.

  • Post-Flowering Rest: After flowering, allow your orchid a well-deserved rest to ensure strong flowering in the following year. Avoid promoting additional growth post-flowering, as this may disrupt the flowering cycle.

This is a T5" in a 2" net pot inside a 4" clay pot, about 2 to 3 years to blooms, newly repotted, Grown from Seed! Limited!

Incorporate the Cattleya warscewiczii var. semi alba 'Frau Melanie Beyrodt' FCC/AOS x 'Bedford' into your orchid collection, and experience the regal allure of this captivating and rare orchid variety. Elevate your orchid growing journey with this majestic Cattleya warscewiczii hybrid, sure to turn heads and become the centerpiece of your collection.

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