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Catasetinae Alliance: Chysis limminghei

Catasetinae Alliance: Chysis limminghei

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Discover the allure of Chysis limminghei, a majestic orchid native to the lush rainforests of Venezuela, Colombia, and potentially Panama. Often found nestled in dense, damp forests at low altitudes, this epiphytic beauty thrives high on large trees, its natural habitat characterized by high humidity and filtered, dispersed light.

Chysis limminghei is an impressive orchid, featuring pendulous, elongated pseudobulbs that can reach up to 50 cm in height. Its slender, distichous leaves grow up to 30 cm long and 5 cm wide, adding to its graceful appearance. In summer, it blooms with a robust, racemose inflorescence bearing up to 12 waxy, fragrant flowers. These flowers, typically around 5 cm in diameter, display a range of colors from pale yellow to orange-brown, complemented by a distinctively marked whitish lip.

Cultivation Tips:

Light: Provide Chysis limminghei with filtered, dispersed light at 25000-35000 lux. Avoid direct sun exposure during the afternoon hours. Adequate air movement is essential for healthy growth.

Temperature: This orchid thrives in warm to cool temperatures. Aim for average summer temperatures around 26-27 °C during the day and 17 °C at night. In winter, maintain temperatures between 24-26 °C during the day and 14-15 °C at night, ensuring a diurnal temperature difference of 9-12 °C.

Humidity: Maintain high humidity levels of 75-80% throughout the year. This can be achieved through regular misting or by placing the orchid in a humid environment.

Substrate and Growing Media: Due to its epiphytic nature, Chysis limminghei does well mounted on rough bark or tree fern plaques. Ensure the substrate is loose and airy to allow quick drying of roots after watering. For potted orchids, consider a mixture of tree fern fibers, perlite, and charcoal to promote optimal drainage and longevity between repottings.

Watering: During the growing season (late spring to autumn), water generously to mimic natural rainfall. Ensure the substrate remains evenly moist but not soggy. Reduce watering as new growth matures in autumn to prepare the orchid for its winter rest period.

Fertilization: Feed Chysis limminghei weekly with 1/4 to 1/2 the recommended strength of orchid fertilizer. Use a nitrogen-rich fertilizer from spring to mid-summer, switching to a phosphorus-rich formula in late summer and autumn to support blooming.

Rest Period: In winter, reduce watering while ensuring the orchid does not dry out completely. Limit fertilization until new growth appears in spring, signaling increased watering and renewed growth.

This is a blooming size imported bare root orchid division; newly repotted in a 3" or 4" pot; about 1 to 2 years to bloom; Grown from seed; Limited!

Chysis limminghei embodies the elegance and resilience of rainforest orchids, making it a prized addition to any orchid enthusiast's collection. With proper care and attention to its natural habitat conditions, this orchid will reward growers with stunning blooms and robust growth year after year. Embrace the challenge of cultivating this exotic gem and enjoy its beauty in your own home or garden sanctuary.

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