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Catasetinae Alliance: Clowesia russelliana

Catasetinae Alliance: Clowesia russelliana

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Clowesia russelliana, commonly known as Russell's Clowesia, is a striking orchid species known for its large size, fragrant flowers, and unique growth habits. Native to various countries in Central America, including Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Panama, and Venezuela, this epiphytic orchid thrives in warm environments at elevations ranging from 600 to 1000 meters above sea level. Below, you'll find detailed information about cultivating and caring for Clowesia russelliana:


  • Plant Size: Clowesia russelliana is a large-sized orchid species, making it an impressive addition to any orchid collection.
  • Pseudobulbs: The plant develops ovoid, several-noded pseudobulbs that become grooved with age. These pseudobulbs are typically mostly enveloped by the sheaths.
  • Leaves: The orchid produces 6 to 8 plicate (folded like a fan), deciduous leaves that are suberect (growing almost upright). These leaves are oblong-oblanceolate in shape and have acute tips.
  • Flowering: The Clowesia russelliana blooms during the summer through fall seasons. The inflorescence is basal, pendulous, and measures approximately 15 inches (37.5 cm) in length. It can carry a remarkable number of flowers, ranging from 15 to 20.
  • Flowers: The flowers of this orchid are known for their sweet fragrance and fleshy appearance. They have a size of about 2.5 inches (6.25 cm).

Cultivation Tips:

  1. Light: Clowesia russelliana thrives in bright, indirect light. Provide filtered sunlight or dappled shade to mimic its natural habitat in open forests. Avoid direct sunlight, which can scorch the leaves.

  2. Temperature: As a warm-growing orchid, maintain temperatures between 70°F to 85°F (21°C to 29°C) during the day and slightly cooler temperatures at night. Ensure a temperature drop of about 10-15°F (5-8°C) between day and night.

  3. Humidity: These orchids appreciate high humidity levels, ideally around 60-70%. Use a humidity tray or a room humidifier to create the required humidity if your indoor environment is dry.

  4. Watering: Adjust your watering routine according to the growth cycle of the orchid. During active growth in spring and summer, water generously when the new pseudobulbs are 1 inch or longer. Reduce watering during the fall when the plant naturally loses its mature leaves. In winter, water sparingly to prevent overwatering.

  5. Fertilization: Feed Clowesia russelliana with a balanced orchid fertilizer during the growing season (spring and summer) every 2-4 weeks. Reduce or eliminate fertilization during the fall and winter months when growth slows down.

  6. Potting Media: Plant this orchid in a well-draining orchid mix that includes materials like bark, sphagnum moss, and perlite. Repot when the pseudobulbs outgrow their containers or when the potting mix breaks down.

  7. Repotting: Consider repotting Clowesia russelliana every 2-3 years or when the potting medium begins to decompose. Choose a pot that accommodates the size of the plant, allowing room for future growth.

  8. Pruning: Remove spent flowers and dead leaves to maintain the plant's appearance and prevent disease.

This is a blooming size in a 4" pot about 1 to 2 years to bloom, grown from seed, limited!

By following these cultivation tips and mimicking the orchid's natural habitat conditions, you can successfully grow and care for Clowesia russelliana, enjoying its stunning blooms and fragrant flowers.

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