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Dendrobium aberrans x Dendrobium normanbyense

Dendrobium aberrans x Dendrobium normanbyense

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Introducing the Dendrobium Micro Chip โ€“ an exquisite hybrid born from the union of Dendrobium aberrans and Dendrobium normanbyense (syn. Dend. atroviolaceum).

This Latouria type dendrobium boasts a unique charm with bushy plants adorned in small white blooms, embellished with delicate purple spots, and a captivating creamy yellow lip. A true testament to the beauty that arises from careful orchid hybridization.

Cultivation Tips:

1. Environment: Dendrobium Micro Chip, like its parent species, thrives as an epiphyte or lithophyte. Whether nestled on a tree branch or positioned on a rock, these orchids appreciate the support of their host. During summer, they come to life, displaying vigorous growth, but enter a dormant phase in winter. A resurgence of vitality occurs in spring with the rapid development of new roots.

2. Light: Place your Dendrobium Micro Chip in medium light conditions. Ideal locations include a bright East or West-facing window, or a slightly shaded South-facing window. Providing the right amount of light ensures optimal photosynthesis, supporting robust growth and vibrant blooms.

3. Watering: Allow the growing media to approach dryness before watering. Frequency may vary based on environmental factors, but a general guideline is watering once a week to every four days. This ensures the orchid experiences the natural cycle of wet and dry conditions, mimicking its native habitat.

4. Fertilization: Monthly fertilization is essential for the Dendrobium Micro Chip's overall health. Use a diluted solution of balanced orchid fertilizer to provide the necessary nutrients for sustained growth and prolific flowering. This practice contributes to the orchid's ability to produce spikes multiple times from the same growths over the years.

5. Winter Care: Unlike some other Dendrobium varieties, Dendrobium Micro Chip remains evergreen during the winter months. This means it doesn't require a period of rest. Continue watering as usual, adjusting the frequency based on the specific needs of your environment. Although growth may be slower in winter, the orchid will maintain its leaves and continue its journey toward beauty.

This is a blooming size in a 4โ€ pot, about 1 to 2 years to bloom, grown from, limited!

Witness the magic of nature with the Dendrobium Micro Chip โ€“ a symphony of small white and purple-spotted blooms, a fragrant dance that lasts for months. Elevate your orchid collection with this captivating hybrid, and follow our cultivation tips to ensure its vitality and splendor year-round.

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