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Dendrobium aloifolium - In BLOOM!

Dendrobium aloifolium - In BLOOM!

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It is an epiphytic orchid with flattened stems, 40 - 60 cm long, upright when young and becoming pendulous when mature.

Its fleshy, flattened leaves are 2.5 cm long and 7 mm wide, oblique and acute, overlapping each other along the basal part of the stem. The apical portion of stem is covered only by sheathing leaves which usually bears the flowers.

Its flowers are about 4 mm long and wide, white to cream in colour and reflexed backwards soon after opening.

It was thought to be extinct in the wild in Singapore until it was rediscovered in 2010 (Ang et al., 2010).

It grows in lowland forests, often in bright and wet areas.

Greek dendro-bios, tree-dwelling, referring to the epiphytic growth habit of the species in the genus. Latin aloifolium, aloe-leaved, referring to the aloe-like leaves of the plant.

This is a blooming size in a 3" pot.

Growing Media: pot/wood
Flowering Period: july
Color: pure white sepals and petals which are much recurved, lip white and bilobed
Water: 1 to 2 time daily
Light: medium to low sunlight
Temperature: cool to warm

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