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Dendrobium chrysotoxum var. suavissimum

Dendrobium chrysotoxum var. suavissimum

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Introducing the Dendrobium chrysotoxum var. suavissimum, a stunning orchid variety that will captivate you with its delicate and graceful appearance. This medium to large-sized plant is renowned for its golden-yellow flowers, adorned with subtle hints of white, creating an aura of elegance. Its slender green foliage adds to its charm, making it a perfect choice for adding sophistication to any space.

The Dendrobium chrysotoxum var. suavissimum is an extremely easy grower, blooming off both old and new pseudobulbs. During the spring and early summer, you can enjoy the sight of two-inch flowers adorning multiple arching and pendant spikes. Each spike carries up to 25 flowers, creating a breathtaking display. The blossoms are not only visually stunning but also emit a delightful fragrance, filling the air with their sweet scent. The bright yellow flowers feature a darker yellow lip with a contrasting dark red center, adding an element of intrigue to their beauty.

One of the remarkable features of this orchid variety is its adaptability to outdoor cultivation in coastal southern California and other warm climates. If you reside in these regions, you can experience the joy of growing this orchid in your garden or patio.

The Dendrobium chrysotoxum var. suavissimum is native to Southeast Asia, with natural habitats spanning from the Sikkim region in India through Assam, Burma, Thailand, Vietnam, Laos, and the Yunnan Province in southwestern China. It thrives in deciduous forests at altitudes ranging from 400 to 1620 meters. In Thailand, you can find these plants in deciduous forests located above 610 meters.

To ensure optimal growth and blooming, here are some cultivation tips for the Dendrobium chrysotoxum var. suavissimum:

Light: Provide the orchid with a light level of 25000-35000 lux. These plants can tolerate high levels of light, particularly in the morning. Adjust the positioning of the plant to ensure it receives appropriate light exposure.

Temperature: The Dendrobium chrysotoxum var. suavissimum prefers a cool to warm environment. During the summer, maintain an average daytime temperature of 27-29 °C, with nighttime temperatures around 20 °C, resulting in a daily temperature difference of 7-9 °C. In spring, the average daytime temperature should be around 31-32 °C, with nighttime temperatures ranging from 13 to 20 °C, providing a daily difference of 11-18 °C. In winter, maintain an average daytime temperature of 25-29 °C, with nighttime temperatures around 10 °C, resulting in a daily temperature difference of 15-18 °C.

Humidity: The Golden Bow Dendrobium thrives in high humidity conditions. During summer and autumn, aim for humidity levels of 80-85%. As winter and early spring approach, gradually decrease humidity to around 60% for a period of 2-3 months.

Substrate and Repotting: It is recommended to cultivate the Dendrobium chrysotoxum var. suavissimum in pots to maintain appropriate moisture levels during the summer. Any loose and fast-draining substrate with granulation suitable for the plant's size can be used. Alternatively, you can mount the orchid on tree-fern rootstocks or cork, ensuring high humidity and daily watering during the summer. Repotting is best done in early spring, immediately after flowering when new roots start to grow.

Watering: During the active growing season (spring to early autumn), keep the orchid moist, allowing slight drying between watering. As new growths mature in autumn, gradually reduce the amount of water provided.

Fertilizer: The Dendrobium chrysotoxum var. suavissimum responds well to regular fertilization. Use a 1/2 dose of orchid fertilizer on a weekly basis. In spring to mid-summer, use a high-nitrogen fertilizer, and then switch to a high-phosphorus fertilizer until the end of autumn.

Rest Period: A cool, dry rest is essential for the orchid's health and flowering. Allow the plant to dry out between waterings for the majority of the winter. However, ensure the plant does not remain completely dry for too long. Towards the end of winter, for a period of 1-2 months, let the plant dry completely between waterings. Occasional morning fogging between waterings will help prevent excessive drying. Limit or eliminate fertilization until spring when watering increases.

This is a blooming size in a 4” pot, developing 3 new direction of growths, about 1 to 2 years to bloom grown from seed limited 

Experience the beauty and grace of the Dendrobium chrysotoxum var. suavissimum in your home or garden. Its stunning golden-yellow flowers, fragrant blossoms, and easy cultivation make it a must-have for any orchid enthusiast or lover of elegant plants.

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