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Dendrobium farmeri var. petaloid album 'Hsinying' GM/JOGA

Dendrobium farmeri var. petaloid album 'Hsinying' GM/JOGA

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Introducing the captivating Dendrobium farmeri fma. petaloid album 'Hsinying' GM/JOGA, a rare gem among orchids, prized for its exquisite texture and unique features. This extraordinary species boasts a profusion of completely white flowers, each adorned with a perfectly petaloid lip, resembling a delicate daisy rather than the typical orchid bloom.

This stands as the most exceptional among Dendrobium farmeri variety; an album variety with petaloid characteristics! While white - album orchid forms are already uncommon in nature, this specific album variation further distinguishes itself with its petaloid features.

Native to the eastern Himalayas, Assam, Nepal, Myanmar, Thailand, Laos, and Malaysia, this orchid thrives in evergreen lowland forests and primary montane forests at elevations ranging from 500 to 3,300 feet. Its compact and vigorous growth habit makes it a delightful addition to any orchid collection.

During the spring season, magnificent inflorescences, reaching up to 8 inches in length, emerge from the nodes near the tips of both leafless and leafed canes. These inflorescences are densely packed with flowers, creating a stunning display of natural beauty.

To ensure optimal growth and abundant flowering, provide this orchid with some shade and heavy watering during periods of active growth. As fall approaches, taper off fertilization to encourage a brief dormancy period in the cooler, drier winter months. When spring returns, resume regular watering and fertilization to support new growth and prepare for another spectacular blooming season.

With its resilience to various light conditions, ranging from strong to medium, and its ability to thrive in warm, intermediate, and cool temperatures, this orchid offers flexibility in cultivation. Its compact growth habit makes it suitable for smaller spaces while still producing impressive 2.5-inch blooms.

This is a blooming size in a 4" pot, newly repotted, about 1 to 2 years to bloom, grown from seed, limited!

Experience the allure of the rarest of Dendrobium farmeri varieties—the petaloid album 'Hsinying' GM/JOGA. Elevate your orchid collection with its unparalleled beauty and charm.

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