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Dendrobium Gillieston Jazz × Dendrobium Victorian Bride

Dendrobium Gillieston Jazz × Dendrobium Victorian Bride

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These are compact Australian Dendrobiums known to be hardy growers and will host star-shaped flowers in a variety of colors.

Grow in bright light and water as the potting material dries out.

These typically flower twice per year in late fall to early winter and then again in the spring to summer months. The flowers last a couple of months.

The flowers are nicely fragrant, sometimes smelling of wintergreen. 

They do well with hot summers (75-95 deg. days) and cool winters (40-55 deg. nights). 

They re-flower from old pseudobulbs, which allows for an increasingly outstanding floral display as plants mature, plants produce 15 inflorescences from a single bulb over a 5 year period; now THAT is a nice feature!  

A tendency toward vigorous growth plus this re-flowering characteristic make for plants that form beautiful specimens in a relatively short period of time.

Grown from Seed!

Blooming Size 3" pots

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