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Dendrobium macrophillum ‘Sulawesi’ x shiraishii ‘Spot’

Dendrobium macrophillum ‘Sulawesi’ x shiraishii ‘Spot’

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Den. macrophillum sulawesi x shiraishii ‘Spot’ is a beautiful and intricate primary hybrid dendrobium orchid, rare to find in the market! Lautoria Type dendrobium! 

Dendrobium macrophillum 'Sulawesi' x shiraishii 'Spot' is an intervarietal cross between a variety of D. macrophyllum found in Sulawesi and one found in Ambon.

This mix of new genetics results in incredible vigor! It's fast growing and easy to bloom!

We have this in a 6” pot, this orchid is blooming size but not currently in bloom.

The long 12–18-inch flower spikes can emerge twice per year or more.

These plants are a combination of browns, yellows and greens and will make an incredible addition to your collection.

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