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Dendrobium Neifert's Quest x Dendrobium superbum 'Little Sweet Scent'

Dendrobium Neifert's Quest x Dendrobium superbum 'Little Sweet Scent'

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Introducing the captivating Dendrobium Neifert's Quest x Dendrobium superbum 'Little Sweet Scent' – a remarkable orchid hybrid renowned for its stunning raspberry fragrance emanating from its enchanting pink/purple flowers!

  • Semi-Deciduous Beauty: This Dendrobium hybrid is semi-deciduous, a natural characteristic where it sheds leaves on older growths while producing new ones. This is common just before the blooming season.
  • Preserve Old Canes: Don't be hasty to remove the old canes! These plants possess the ability to produce flowering spikes annually from any of their canes, whether old or new. Be patient and witness their spectacular blooms emerge.
  • From Seed to Splendor: Each of these plants has been lovingly grown from seed, ensuring uniqueness and vitality in every specimen.

Bloom Season: Spring and Summer are the magical months when these exquisite orchids burst into a delightful display of colors and emit their tantalizing raspberry fragrance, delighting your senses.

Fragrance: Prepare to be enchanted! The heavenly aroma of raspberries will fill your space, creating a mesmerizing and sensory-rich experience.

Pot Size: Nestled in a 4" pot, this Dendrobium hybrid is compact and versatile, making it easy to showcase its beauty in various settings.

Blooming Size: Expect a grand spectacle when your orchid reaches blooming size, boasting multiple flowers that showcase the perfect harmony of its parentage.

Light: Provide moderate light for these orchids to thrive. They enjoy bright, indirect light but avoid exposing them to harsh, direct sunlight.

Temperature: To keep these beauties content, maintain a warm to intermediate temperature range. They will flourish in temperatures that replicate their native tropical habitats.

Watering: Emulate the natural seasonal variations in watering. During the warm summer months, keep the orchids slightly wet, but in the dry winter season, allow them to experience a slight dry spell before watering again.

This is a blooming size in a 4" pot about 1 to 2 years to bloom, grown from seed, Limited!

Whether you are an experienced orchid enthusiast or a newcomer to the world of orchid cultivation, the Dendrobium Neifert's Quest x Dendrobium superbum 'Little Sweet Scent' will captivate you with its charming fragrance and breathtaking beauty. Add this unique orchid hybrid to your collection and savor the joy of watching it bloom year after year!

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