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Dendrobium parishii

Dendrobium parishii

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Introducing the rare and captivating Dendrobium parishii is a stunning variant of the original Dendrobium parishii. Native to Southeast Asia, this fantastic species showcases delicate white flowers with a hint of its original color preserved in the throat, beautifully complemented by a deep burgundy lip. Aptly referred to as the hand orchid due to its canes resembling fingers, this fragrant soft-cane Dendrobium is a true delight.

Flowering from late winter to early spring, these enchanting blooms, measuring between 1.2" to 2" in size, emit a delightful raspberry fragrance reminiscent of a creamy treat. Their exquisite beauty lasts for about a month, making them an exceptional addition to any orchid collection. As a deciduous plant, the Dendrobium parishii sheds its leaves during winter or spring, just before or as it enters its blooming phase.

This species, indigenous to Thailand, the eastern Himalayas, China, Laos, and Vietnam, is colloquially referred to as the "hand orchid" because of its canes (pseudobulbs) resembling fingers. Its 1" to 1.5" flowers bloom from the sides of dormant canes in spring, emitting a fragrance reminiscent of strawberries and cream. As these plants mature, they produce numerous long-lasting flowers that possess a glossy appearance.

To cultivate this rare species successfully, it's important to provide a cold winter rest period for optimal blooming. These heavy feeders thrive on abundant water during their growing cycle from April to October, making sure to maintain a moist environment. Place them in an area with filtered sunlight, avoiding direct midday sun unless you have ample cloud cover or are located near mountains. It's worth noting that these plants exhibit their fullest growth potential when not in bloom.

During the flowering season, the Dendrobium parishii  drops its leaves and gives way to new growth emerging from the plant's base, producing keikis along the canes. To promote robust blooming, provide this exquisite orchid with bright light, ample water, and regular fertilization. As temperatures decline, adjust watering accordingly, allowing for a winter break to ensure a splendid blooming season.

Boasting a bloom period from February to May, each matured stem of this captivating orchid can yield beautiful 2" flowers. The enchanting blooms grace the plant for a span of two to four weeks, filling the air with their delightful raspberry scent. With a size range of 6" to 12" canes, this Dendrobium parishii is blooming size and ready to dazzle in your garden or indoor space.

To ensure optimal growth, provide this orchid with a warm to intermediate temperature range. Medium to bright, filtered light will create an ideal environment for its flourishing. When it comes to the growing media, consider using barks or moss if your growing area tends to be dry, allowing for proper moisture retention. Maintain a moist but fairly dry watering routine during the winter months, while keeping humidity levels between medium and high (50%-80%) to support healthy growth. Adequate air circulation is essential, so ensure a moderate airflow around the plant.


-var. rubra 'Trilabelo' - the rubra form exhibits the darkest hue. This particular strain was derived from a parent displaying a splash petal pattern, characterized by white splashes on the petals. However, most specimens have bloomed resembling the rubra form, although a few may still express the splash petal trait.

In BUD -var. semi alba  is a rare and exquisite species that captures the heart with its delicate white blooms adorned with a dark throat and a mesmerizing blue lip.

-var. pink 'petaloid' - is a rare and exquisite species that captures the heart with its delicate pink blooms with three lips.

These are blooming size in a 3" pot about 1 to 2 years bloom, grown from seed, limited!

In summary, the Dendrobium parishii is a rare and exquisite species that captures the heart with its delicate white blooms adorned with a dark throat and a mesmerizing blue lip. With its intoxicating raspberry fragrance and preference for warm to intermediate temperatures, filtered light, and abundant water during its growing season, this hand orchid thrives in the right conditions. Whether you're an experienced orchid enthusiast or a beginner looking to add a touch of elegance to your collection, this Dendrobium parishii is a remarkable choice that will bring joy and beauty to your space.

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