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Dendrobium Red Eye Hawaii

Dendrobium Red Eye Hawaii

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Dendrobium Red Eye Hawaii is a hybrid cross between Dendrobium bigibbum var. superbum × Dendrobium Bright Eyes.

2.5" pot Near to Blooming Size 1 to 2 years. Newly Repotted. Grown from Seed!

Dendrobium phalaenopsis, which belong to the section Phalaenanthe.

Phalaenanthe orchids are hard-cane and evergreen, usually with tall and slender pseudobulbs.  Flowers spike from near the top of a cane, with an arching stem.  

Flowers are large and petals wide, much like Moth orchids, which is why they’re called Dendrobium phalaenopsis!  

To make things even more confusing, more recent nomenclature is Den. bigibbum var. superbum.  

Thankfully hobbyists stick to “Den-Phal”. It’s Dendrobium > Phalaenanthe > Dendrobium phalaenopsis. Whew!

New canes which have just finished growing will reward you with inflorescence about three times a year with proper care!  

Den-Phal orchids are an absolute staple that every collector should have.  They’re an excellent first choice for enthusiasts looking for something more unique than your standard grocery store orchid.  

Very long-lasting flowers make this entry-level orchid one of the most gratifying breeds around.  Their especially tall and unique composition will have friends asking you “What is THAT?”. 

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