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Dendrobium spectabile

Dendrobium spectabile

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Introducing the captivating Dendrobium spectabile, a must-have for any orchid enthusiast with a penchant for the unique and unconventional! Native to the lush landscapes of New Guinea and its surrounding islands, this orchid boasts an unparalleled charm with its funky flowers that are sure to steal the spotlight in any collection.

While it may not adhere to traditional notions of orchid beauty, the Dendrobium spectabile is a true gem for collectors and conversation starters alike. Its blooms, though not conventionally pretty, possess an undeniable allure, drawing admirers with their distinctiveness.

What sets this orchid apart is its demanding yet rewarding care requirements. Unlike its counterparts, the Dendrobium spectabile thrives on higher levels of light, even tolerating full sunlight for extended periods. During the growing season from April to October, it craves more water and fertilizer to fuel its growth, although a reduction in both during late fall and winter is essential.

Patience is key with this orchid, as it typically takes 4-5 years to bloom. But oh, when it does, the spectacle is well worth the wait! With 4-7 canes and reaching heights of 18-24 inches, this orchid truly comes into its own when it matures to 7-10 years old, towering over 3 feet tall in all its glory.

The Dendrobium spectabile has evolved unique mechanisms to ensure its pollination, with its flowers cleverly protected from flying insects while remaining accessible to crawling pollinators. This orchid has even developed a symbiotic relationship with a specific insect for fertilization, adding to its mystique and ecological importance.

Our new yellow form of the Dendrobium spectabile offers a twist on the traditional, flowering at a more modest 20 inches while retaining its captivating allure. To ensure its optimal growth, bright light, good air circulation, and moderate humidity are paramount. While it can adapt to full sun, a bit of shade during the intense midday heat, especially in summer, is recommended.

Whether potted or mounted, this orchid thrives with proper care, although potting becomes more beneficial as the plant matures. While a dry rest period isn't mandatory, reducing water and fertilizer during late fall and winter is crucial for its health.


Dendrobium spectabile var tipo - is a blooming size in a 5” pot, newly repotted, about 1 year to 2 to bloom, grown from seed, limited .

Dendrobium spectabile var aureum - is a blooming size in a 5” pot, newly repotted, about 1 year to 2 to bloom, grown from seed, limited .

Unlock the allure of the extraordinary with the Dendrobium spectabile, a botanical marvel that promises years of fascination and beauty for the discerning orchid aficionado.

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