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Dendrobium Stardust 'Orange'

Dendrobium Stardust 'Orange'

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Introducing the Dendrobium Stardust 'Orange' – a captivating orchid hybrid that will bring a burst of color and elegance to any orchid collection. This compact orchid boasts vibrant orange flowers with a striking flat, crimson-striped lip, creating a stunning visual display from April to May. With its origins in the fragrant noble-type species, this hybrid, bred from Dendrobium unicum and Dendrobium Ukon, offers a delightful combination of beauty and resilience.

The Dendrobium Stardust 'Orange' is known for its abundant blooming, showcasing numerous flowers on its canes during the spring season. It thrives in warmer climates but can adapt well to intermediate to cool conditions, making it a versatile choice for orchid enthusiasts. With its epiphytic nature, characterized by thin and long pseudobulbs that grow closely together, reaching a length of up to 50 cm and a width of 1.5-2 cm, this orchid exhibits a unique growth pattern.

The pseudobulbs of the Dendrobium Stardust 'Orange' often feature a reddish tint and gracefully hang down, accentuating its elegance. The length of the pseudobulbs is influenced by the intensity of illumination, with shorter lengths observed under stronger sunlight. Its lanceolate leaves, measuring around 7.5-8 cm in length and 3-3.5 cm in width, maintain their beauty for approximately 2-3 years.

When it comes to flowering, the Dendrobium Stardust 'Orange' truly shines. Its blooming period occurs primarily from October to May, showcasing peduncles that emerge from internodes on the side opposite to the leaf. Each peduncle carries anywhere from 1 to 5 flowers, each approximately 6 cm in diameter. The flowers themselves vary in color, ranging from pale yellow to radiant red-orange, adorned with intricate darker veins on the lip. With a flowering duration of about 4-5 weeks, this orchid is sure to be a captivating sight.

Cultivating the Dendrobium Stardust 'Orange' requires providing it with the appropriate care and conditions. It thrives in well-draining orchid mix and appreciates regular watering, allowing the roots to dry slightly between watering sessions. When it comes to light, providing bright but indirect light is ideal, striking a balance between adequate illumination and protection from intense sun exposure. In warmer climates, ensuring proper ventilation and humidity levels will contribute to its well-being.

This is a blooming size in a 4” pot about 1 to 2 years to bloom grown from seed limited (not in bloom) 

With its vibrant blooms, graceful growth habit, and adaptability, the Dendrobium Stardust 'Orange' is a must-have for orchid enthusiasts and collectors. Whether you're a seasoned orchid grower or a beginner looking for a mesmerizing addition to your indoor or outdoor garden, this stunning hybrid will surely captivate your senses and bring a touch of tropical beauty into your life.

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