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Vanda Alliance: Ascocentrum hendersonianum

Vanda Alliance: Ascocentrum hendersonianum

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Ascocentrum hendersonianum, is a charming orchid species that captivates with its dainty, salmon-pink flowers adorned with a delicate white lip. This eye-catching plant is a true delight when in full bloom, making it a must-have addition to any orchid enthusiast's collection.

The flowers of Ascocentrum hendersonianum typically grace us with their presence in late spring, creating a vibrant display that is sure to garner attention. Measuring approximately 1/4 inch in width and 1/2 inch in height, these cute miniature blooms carry a unique allure with their dark pink petals and a subtle touch of white in the center.

Originating from Brunei and Borneo, this epiphytic orchid species demonstrates its resilience by growing 4 to 5 leaves, forming a graceful span of 13 to 15 cm.

Cultivating Ascocentrum hendersonianum requires special care to ensure its well-being and flourishing growth.

To provide the optimal growing conditions for this species, we recommend planting it in a well-drained mix. This allows for proper moisture retention while preventing waterlogging, which can be detrimental to the plant's health. As an epiphyte, Ascocentrum hendersonianum thrives when attached to a support such as a tree branch or a specially designed orchid mount.

Our Ascocentrum hendersonianum plants are offered in 3.5" clay pots, accompanied by our meticulously curated coconut husk. This natural and sustainable medium ensures proper drainage and provides the ideal environment for the orchid to thrive.

Whether you are an experienced orchid grower or a novice looking to embark on a new horticultural adventure, Ascocentrum hendersonianum will undoubtedly bring a touch of elegance and beauty to your indoor or outdoor garden.

Don't miss the opportunity to cultivate this exquisite miniature orchid and witness the enchantment of its salmon-pink flowers in person. Order your Ascocentrum hendersonianum plant today and experience the joy of nurturing this botanical gem!

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