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Grammatophyllum Pakkret Leo 'Asgard'

Grammatophyllum Pakkret Leo 'Asgard'

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Introducing the exquisite Grammatophyllum Pakkret Leo 'Asgard' (mericlone) orchid, a true gem for orchid enthusiasts and collectors. This epiphytic beauty showcases several racemes bursting with vibrant yellow-green to olive-green, waxy flowers adorned with captivating dark purplish-red marks.

Native to the dense rainforests spanning from Indo-China to Indonesia, the Philippines, New Guinea, and the Southwest Pacific islands, Grammatophyllum orchids are renowned for their remarkable adaptability and striking floral displays.

With its several racemes emerging from the base of the pseudobulb, the Grammatophyllum Pakkret Leo 'Asgard' is a sight to behold. Each raceme showcases a profusion of enchanting, long-lasting flowers that exude an alluring fragrance, adding a touch of natural elegance to any space.

Our offering includes a healthy Grammatophyllum Pakkret Leo 'Asgard' orchid, meticulously cultivated as a mericlone in a 50mm tube with a new bulb. This ensures a sturdy foundation for optimal growth and ensures the plant's vitality upon arrival.

The pseudobulbs of this species are enveloped by sheaths, adding an intriguing architectural element to its overall appearance. This characteristic, combined with the distinct parallel leaf veins or perianth markings, inspired the genus name Grammatophyllum. Derived from the Greek words 'gramma' (a line or streak or mark) and 'phyllon' (leaf), it pays homage to the remarkable features that make this orchid truly unique.

Cultivating the Grammatophyllum Pakkret Leo 'Asgard' requires providing it with an environment that mimics its natural habitat. Bright, indirect light is essential for optimal growth, as these orchids thrive under moderate to high light conditions. A well-ventilated area with humidity levels around 50-70% is ideal.

In terms of watering, it is crucial to maintain a balanced approach. Allow the orchid's roots to dry partially between waterings, ensuring the potting medium is well-drained. Overwatering can lead to root rot, while underwatering can cause dehydration. Regular fertilization with a balanced orchid fertilizer will provide the necessary nutrients for healthy growth and vibrant blooms.

This is a near blooming size in a 4" pot, about 1 to 2 years to bloom, grown from seed, Limited!

With proper care and attention, the Grammatophyllum Pakkret Leo 'Asgard' will reward you with a spectacular display of its mesmerizing flowers, making it a remarkable addition to any orchid collection or a thoughtful gift for orchid enthusiasts.

Please note that each orchid is unique, and slight variations in color and size may occur. Our dedicated team has ensured the utmost care and quality in cultivating this Grammatophyllum Pakkret Leo 'Asgard' orchid, guaranteeing your satisfaction with this exceptional botanical treasure.

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